Sunday, August 2, 2009

Off to the woods

I have been taking the kids camping since Daniel (13) was just a tot. I love to camp. Don't get ideas of grandure in your heads. I am a lazy camper. there are no dutchovens simmering away. there are not even hot breakfasts (unless you count instant oatmeal). I am there to relax and waste lots and lots of time lounging on the beach reading a book.

Last year was a very first year without diapers. THAT IS HUGE!!! we have camped through micro tornadoes, thunder & lightening storms, torenchal downpores and gloriously sunny weather. we are prepped for it all. I have learned that a campers best friend is duct tape. there is nothing it cannot fix.

On our adventures and hikes we have seen lots of bunnies, a few snakes(ike brought one home last year that had been run over by an RV. It was so flat we had to add it to his collection), a moose,(luckily it was a female) lots of deer, but luckily no skunks.

I don't like camping around other people so we go to an out of the way spot (outlet bay) and we can have it pretty much to ourselves during the week. i take off before all the crazy weekenders show up.

anyways, i am sure i will have enough stories when i come back to keep me blogging for at least a week.


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