Thursday, June 10, 2010

Poems, By Ike

Yes you read that right. Ike is a poet. we didn't even know it!! he had to write a book of poetry at school. I laughed out loud reading it. i will share with you some poems from it through out the next week. it is just too good and too long to put all in one post.

By: Isaac
Girls are so strange
Only in every way
They talk too much
They're aliens I say
Most of the time they are sick and wrong
I oh so wish that they were gone
Their brain is just a gossip ring
And their mouth is a moving machine
Plus they all want to invade super stars
So I called the cops, now their behind bars

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a lesson in anatomy gone wrong, oh so wrong.

Ike found an book on the central nervous system in his class and proceeded to read it. I thought, good for him. At dinner the following night he shared with us what he had learned.

1. Punch someone under the ribs on the left side. that is where the stomach is.

2. Punch them on the side of the head behind the ear lobe. Mass of nerves located there

3.Hit someone at the base of the skull with a blunt object to inflict maximum damage to the neck and head.

I could go on and on, but I choose not to because by the time he got to #4 I was thinking, "Where did I go wrong?" The strange part is that Ike is not a brawler. He had never been in a fight. I think if he were to actually get into one he would run home as fast as his little legs could carry him.

Needless to say, I usually don't look forward to dinner conversations. I tend to lose my appetite quite rapidly once the boys start sharing what they learned that day.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tubbs Hill

This was our first hike up Tubbs Hill. We did not make it very far due to little legs. I really want to go back with the boys and to the whole loop. it is very beautiful. The only problem was the trail was really crowded.

It started off by visiting a friendly moose ( another trail for another day)
Daniel thought he was so clever. i wanted a picture with all the kids but he hid behind the moose.
I was so scared that the younger three would plummet into the lake!! sometimes they had to tell me, "mommy, your hurting my hands." because i was holding it so hard. but there were spots that it was a straight drop!!

They whined so much. their legs were killing them, their feet hurt, their tummies were rumbling, they were thirsty, their backs hurt.........on and on the whining went. The older two did their best to distance themselves from the sound. i don't blame them. i can be really loud when i whine.
I took this picture to that way i can prove i did give them water. we packed a pinic lunch too but i was too nervous with the kids eating and roaming around to grab my camara and take a picture. Jakey's water bottle almost rolled off and fell into the water, and i could easily imagine him following it.
Jakey posed for this shot. he wanted to show off his wonderful stick "Blood Lightening" ya, it is that cool.

Jakey had Anna hold "Blood Lightening" while he climbed up, but told Anna that she could not let it touch the ground.
A bit of sky in the mudAnna so happy to back at the beginning of the trail.

We will be back. Just listen for the whining, we are not to hard to follow.