Thursday, March 22, 2012

And now for a story.......

Lunch Break

"Whoosh!", a persons binder full of papers has just opened, the sharp wind whirled it into a swirling cyclone of papers. Higher and higher it reached until it almost pierced the ever thick blanket of clouds that was above us. We all gazed at the amazing work of wonder that was before us. "I wonder who's that is?" my friend, Desmond asked. Ethan snatched a paper out of the air, for there were many consistently launching from the swirling vortex that still grew higher and higher. The paper read, Arthur Carter. "It's Zach's cousin.!" Ethan yelled, his fro flying back in the wind. "No way!" I answered in amazement. "Yep, Arthur Carter alright." confirmed Ethan. WE all burst out laughing. Arthur Carter was indeed an enemy to all of us. "Okay, lets face it, he had it coming." Desmond stated, as he began to gain control from his laughing fit. The cyclone began to die down and the paper shot sharply, even violently toward the far corner of the field. Some of Arthur's cronies began chasing the papers, farther and farther they ran until they realized that the papers would be irretrievable. "Well, that was fun." Alexia yawned. "We need something to do 'cuz now I am bored." Zach complained. "Then hop on Zach!" Desmond invited. Zach looked around and saw that I was already on Ethan's back and hopped onto Desmond's back. Soon we were riding all over the basketball court getting odd stares and messing up basketball games. It was common play that we do odd things to disrupt sports in play. The only sport we could not disrupt, the players have no sense of humor, was the track runners. They found it disrespectful that we ran next to them for a short period of time and then take off in a short, fast sprint. Anyway, the basketball players stopped their game, along with the football players, to watch our amazing feat as I, keeping a straight face, rode Ethan in immaculate curves and twists before he screamed, "I have an inspiration!" Desmond asked, "What is it?" "See that string over there?" asked Ethan. "Yes." replied Zach. Desmond ordered, "Bring it here." Ethan then turned around with his hands crossed behind his back, "Now I want you to tie me up." "Why?" asked Zach. "Because I am black." "WHAT??" I interjected. "Oh, sorry, and Asian." Ethan clarified. "I think what he means, Ethan, is what does that have to do with tying you up?" Ethan explained, "I am going to single handed overcome international black slavery." "How?" asked Zach. Ethan continued, "One step at a time my friend, one step at a time." This answer apparently satisfied Zach as he then tied Ethan's hands behind his back with the string. "FREEDOM!" screamed Ethan as he ran across the field. "WHEEEEET!" the Principal blew the whistle and Ethan changed course and began running toward the stairs. My friends and I stood dumbfounded as we saw him sprinting as fast as he could. We then began walking toward the entrance to the school as well. "Huh, huh, huh...hey guys." Ethan gasps as he caught up to us at the entrance to the grand stairs. Then he began to nimbly walk up the stairs with us. Once we reached the top of the stairs the Principal, holding open the door, rubs her temples. "What is it this time?" Ethan quickly responds, "Trying to stop international black slavery." "Mmmm." groaned the Principal. Zack walked up to me and whispers, "Lets trip him." "Okay." I whisper back. Being in the middle of the hall we could not table top him Zach grabbed Ethan's shoulder and I put out my foot in from him. Ethan whipped around and stated, "Zach, you forgot, I am not only black, but I am also ASIAN!!" Then he broke the string and tackled Zach. "ISAAC!" Zach yelped right before he hit the ground. Desmond, Alexia and I, simply walked away as if nothing even happened.

By, Isaac Brown.