Thursday, September 19, 2013

Famous People

I would like to thank all the little people that helped me climb so high on this ladder of fame. Right now Isaac and I are almost to the bottom rung.

Last Saturday, September 14 our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, teamed up with several other churches in Spokane to clean up a neighborhood. What is really neat is that it ended up being the neighborhood Dan and I lived in after he graduated from college. It is a pretty rough place and we both learned a lot of things there.

The five kiddos and myself (Ben had to work that day) were put on a team with about 7 other people to clean up a gentleman's backyard, front yard, and do some minor roof repairs. Turns out there was a lot of work that needed to be done. Years of neglect had taken it's tole. Many of the tree branches were hanging over power lines and crushing fences. There was massive amounts of garbage to rake and bag up as well as pruning, weed whacking and whatnot.

As we worked there were several news crews around to filming as well as the local newspaper reporters. For some reason they chose our house to spotlight.

The Spokesman Review ended up using a picture of Ike and I on the front page. Due to copy write laws I cannot post a picture but they did say I can post a link to the article.

***Now for a funny side note.****
There is a man in our ward that goes by the name of Maurie Hainsworth. He is about 92 years young. He likes Isaac for some reason. I think it is because they are both crotchety. He is always getting on Ike each Sunday to button up his shirt, fix his tie, roll down his sleeves and comb his hair (or cut it if need be), and by all means stop slouching this is a pew not your bed! Ike takes it well and straighten up his appearance. I thank Maurie and we continue on with our Sunday routine because if I spoke like this to Ike he would just roll his eyes and call me names in his head and possibly grace me with his favorite phrase, "Whatever" (must be stated with eye roll).

Well as Ike came into church Maurie showed Ike the picture in the paper and said every Sunday I tell you to
Button up,
Un-roll your sleeves,
Tuck in your shirt,
and fix your hair.
What is wrong with this picture Isaac?
Isaac replies, "I dunno."
Maurie states, "You're doing none of those is this picture!" and smacks him upside the head and walks off.
I am loving that man more and more each Sunday.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Daniel's Senior Pictures

Yes, you read that right. My Daniel is a senior this year. GASP!!

So Daniel and I went off to take pictures of himself. Turns out this is not his favorite activity. It is right up there with learning how to latch hook a rug.

He was a tough nut to loosen up and pose in a natural position. After taking lots and lots of pictures, most of them of him blinking, Ben and I have whittled it down to these four. Daniel does not like any of them. He said it is nothing against the photographer, he just does not like pictures of himself. I can honestly say I know exactly how he feels. I think of all the 400+ posts I have on this blog I am in less that five pictures.

Here is voted # 3
 Here is voted # 4
 Here is voted # 1
 Here is voted #2

Feel free to weight in and let us know what one you think should go into the yearbook. But be fast, we have to have the pictures turned in soon.

P.S. Daniel is one very handsome kid!! Luckily he will never make it this far down on the post to read this.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Post summer wrap up

This summer we did A LOT! It was crazy busy. But here is my reason/ excuse. This is our last summer with Daniel. Next summer he will be on his mission or off working. This makes me sad to ponder. He was my very first road trip and camping buddy.

This is the boys chopping up some wood for our fire. We had to cook most of our food over the fire because the hornets were so heavy at camp this year the only time they would leave the food alone is when it was over an open flame. This made eating mildly uncomfortable. 

This may look like an ordinary picture...but if you look closely you will see the remnants of many, many sticks. They started off as small trees but ended up as toothpicks. We had a pluthera of toothpicks at camp. Extremely sharp toothpicks. We used them to defend ourselves from the hornets.

Our usual ice cream stop. Those who have followed through the years, (me), will notice that our benches and carved bears are missing. We were very sad. But luckily the ice cream helped fill the void.
** Daniel had an epiphany while eating his bubble gum ice cream. He commented, "Mom, boys don't really grow up do we? I mean we get big and such but inside we are still about 4 years old. Here I am skinned knee from crashing on my bike, chili from dinner dripped down my shirt and your still handing me napkins to wipe the ice cream off my chin." ** I always joked the kid was a genius, now I am beginning to actually wonder....

After a week of camping we came home, joined Ben and took the kiddos to Silverwood, our local theme park. Anna, Maria and Jakey earned free tickets through the school's reading program. Here is Maria and Ben on the train ride.

Anna and Maria on the bumper cars. I have no pictures of the boys because they were all off riding roller coasters and making themselves sick. WOO WHOO!!

Jakey is a HUGE garflield fan and was very excited to have a picture taking with Garfield and Odie. He made me promise to use this as his profile picture when he is old enough to have a Facebook account. Well this could like a tiny bit out of date when he is 30 and finally is allowed a Facebook account.

We grew a small garden this year. The girlies planted carrots. Here is Anna enjoying some of her hard work.
 This is Maria giving her carrots and close inspection.

All in all this summer was fantastic! It went by way too fast! All the kids are back in school more or less. Daniel's college starts in the middle of September as does mine.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Ike's Observations

One of Issac's chores is to clean the bathroom everyday.
Yes our bathroom need to be cleaned everyday.
Seven people, one bathroom.
You can do the math.

While cleaning the toilet I hear him shout out, "THE TOILET BOWL SHOULD BE YOUR TARGET PEOPLE!!"

 I responded, "I will try better next time."

Ike came out and said, "I am talking to the snipers of the house mom, not the shot guns." HA HA HA HA

Love that kid.

Then again this is the same 14 year old who laid down on the floor outside the bathroom door and asked if he could have snack through the crack the is between the floor and the bottom of the door. All I wanted was a few minutes of peace to pee. I guess I should have been more realistic in my dreams.