Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Unicorn Poop

The boys have a combined activity tonight with the young women. They were put in charge of treats. 
Probably not the brightest idea. 
Most of the day was spent trying to find a unicorn to scare really badly. When that plan failed, for unexpected reasons, they resorted to making the poop themselves.
 Ben saw these cookies on and we have been waiting for just the right occasion to try them out. It is a very simple recipe. Basically colored sugar cookie dough. Thanks to mom I have an awesome cookie dough recipe.
 You twist the different ropes of colored dough together and roll in glitter and sprinkles.
 TA-DA!! Unicorn poop! I loved the wary looks on peoples faces when the boys offered them a bite of unicorn poop.
Yes, they are magically delicious. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Just another thing I did not want to come home to

I dunno about your house
but in our house
this is a well used/ abused instrument.
I am not proud to admit that this is the second plunger to have died on us in action this year.
Yes, we may need more fiber in our diet, 
or we are quite possible a bunch of very up tight people,
but more than likely it is that we are just plain full of crap  err, poop.
but I also think the tree full of ripe plums in the back yard is not exactly helping
the situation.
 I know for a fact Daniel is so clean his colon could whistle if it had lips. 
Now I shall leave you with that lovely mental picture.
Good Day!

Monday, October 1, 2012

First Meet of the 2012 Season

Jakey decided to do cross country again this year.
 Our goal was a simple one. He does not need to be the best runner out there, but I do ask that he keeps running for the whole mile.
 And he did!! I was super duper excited!!! He did great. Came in 31st. Right smack in the middle. Last year he and his buddy would just walk and chat up the whole time. They did not want the race to actually get in the way of social hour.
 And he had a very strong finish! You can just see the speed slipping around him as he races to the finish line.
He came home from his time trials at practice boasting that he not only finished his race within the time parameters but also had time to stop and the honey bucket for a quick pee half way through the race. Either my son is the Flash or the time parameters are way too lenient.