Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Reneer "Special" Olympics part Dos

We had a blast bringing this back. The last time we had the Reneer Olympics grandpa ralph and grandma anna were up. that was many, many years ago. we were all about the same age as these kids here. but after all the fun we had this will definatly be an annual event.
we had doughnut eating on a string. Dad won that event with Blair comming in a close second and i finishing third.

This is Carlos and Rachel's little girl, Gracie.

Then we had a bike course and Anna donated her pretty princess bike for the competion. The little ones did great but as the kids got bigger it got harder. Dad came in first ( only because he was the oldest and we took pity on him) Daniel came in second but he was the only big kid who sat and attempted to peddle. Blair introduced the standing/peddling style and also showed up a lovely back flip. sadly we do not give extra points for stunts. Ella, Mark and regina's girl, came in with the fastest time.
Uncle Carlos helping Maria get through the course.
Carlos and Regina has a slight difference of opinion about his race out come but i think they settled it in a very reasonable and mature manner.
Kathryn looked so cute on the bike i had a hard time just posting one picture of her. the bike was just her size. in fact, i may buy her one for christmas.

Carlos trying to re-create Blair's stunt. But alas he only did a wheelie.
Here are Bumski and Grandpa with all their grandkids.

Then we had a whipped cream/bubble gum game. you had to find the piece of bubble gum and blow a bubble before anyone else. NO HANDS!!
Not suprisingly we managed to turn it into an all out war. Lou was a smartie pants and wore a mask to keep the whipped cream out of her eyes. Keaton won. ( Mark and Regina's kid)

Ben ( in the blue shirt) was smart and just blew the whipped cream out of the way.Once again Reg and Carlos had a bit of a disagreement but being the mature adults they are they were able to work it out. thanks for the great example for the kids.

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  1. Wow, special is right!! Looks like you guys had a great time!!