Monday, August 10, 2009

And so it begins.

The following conversation took place outside one of these.
A stranger approached the outhouse while Dan was using it and Jakey was outside waiting.
Jake:You can't go in there. My Dad is in there.
Stranger: Okay.
Jake:He usually takes a really long time.
Stranger: Okay.
Jake: It smells really bad when he is done. He usually has to light a match.
Stranger: Lucky me.
Jake: No, you are not lucky. My dad did not bring any matches.
Stranger: Laughing quite hard.
Poor Dan was stuck there listening to this conversation about his bowel habits and not able to to defend himself because it was all too true. The worst part was having to open the door look at this strange man in the eye and know that he did leave that outhouse worse than when he found it.

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  1. The innocence of children! HILARIOUS, HILARIOUS, HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!