Wednesday, July 29, 2009

THE RULES!! no one is to question them.

House Rules.
1. If it is not yours LEAVE IT ALONE!!
2. Don’t ask for anything if you have not finished your chores first.
3. Play dates with friends will depend upon you behavior.
4. I am not your event planner. If you are bored I will put you to work.*See list.
5. Snack times are 10 am and 3 pm.
6. If you show respect you will get respect.
7. Only one box of cereal open at a time.
8. T.V. times are 7-8 am and 3-4pm. Gaming will be at 7pm. That is all. *It may be extended on account of rain. And you mother's mental stability.
9. If the rules are followed you will be rewarded with special outings or treats.
10. Throw a fit and it is mine!!! Ask me again and it is mine!!
11. I am on the phone for a reason and it is not to talk to you! Ask me for something and the answer is an automatic NO.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Little facts that i never wanted to know.

Fact one: Poo that has been smeared then dried on textured walls is impossible to get off.

Fact two: 2 Tablespoons of Lawry's Seasoning Salt eaten straight causes immediate and intense vomiting.

Fact Three: If you jam your finger down your sisters throat you can make her vomit the water she was hoarding in her cheeks out her nose.

Fact Four: 1/2 can of condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup eaten straight out of the can will cause vomiting that will last all night long. It also smells so nasty you will never want to use cream of mushroom soup ever again.

Fact Five: Underwear after an Atomic Weggie should just be thrown away. It cannot be salvaged.

hmmm. that is all i have time for right now. the natives are getting restless.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I have super powers

i did not always know this. but 15 yrs of marriage and raising 5 kids has taught me that i must have super powers because i can do things no one else in this house can. here is a short list.

1. Pee without getting it all over the bathroom
2. Flush the toilet.
3. Replace a roll of toilet paper.
(you can see i spend alot of time in the bathroom. after 5 kids that is the only place to have quiet sometimes)
4.empty the garbage
5.Take the trash out to the curb on garbage day
6. Watering and Mowing the lawns
7. See dirty dishes in the sink.
8. Laundry, all of it, from begining to end.
9. Notice when the floors need to be swept and mopped and then DO it.
10. Put the girls to bed on my VERY own without any need for help from anyone else.
11. The ablitity to tell when something has gone BAD in the frig and also REMOVE it.

well as you can see i am a pretty super woman. i could go on and on but alas i hear the trash can screaming for help because it is about to burst at the seams. i am off!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

bye, bye braces!!

Today was a big day for Daniel. After a bit over 2 years the braces came off. This is great timing because now he starts 8th grade braces free. Yes, he keeps licking his teeth and yes he keeps looking at himself in the mirror.

The heavy metal

Right afterwards

Getting the molds done for the retainer. He has 6months of that. Please, please, please don't lose it. I know i had to dig through the dumpster of leftover lunches at school because i lost mine. ( no, we did not find it) and by golly, i don't need to go through that again.

Making a good impression. (come on, i couldn't resist)

The first trip to Luby Bay of the summer.

well first off.....they day was beautiful to say the least. i mean, the light breeze was HOT and water crystal clear (made the diving game a bit too easy) and although we ran into a bit of a traffic snag heading there all went really well once we got there. summer construction is a pain!
I had Princess Princess' three kiddos with us so she could get some sleep before her next night shift. To say they were thrilled would be a severe understatment. van with poopie,moopie teens on the ride up. yah, that was fun.
But i am so obnoxious and the lake is so fun it is hard to stay in a bad mood for long (even an experienced teenager)
This was my first trip where i did not have a baby stuck on shore. I was able to play out there with all my little fish! it was fantastic. i am so glad they are all strong swimmers. it got me so excited for the rest of our trips this summer.
I would post pics of my sunburned face,back,arms..but this is my blog and i can chose which pics get posted. mwaa haa haa.

This good sport is Ryen. I have a great video of how this came to be. I will post it.
My mom (aka bumpski) came up with my niece Jaylee.

LeJune had a lot of fun diving for rocks. she found some really cool ones.

Daniel and Ike digging and that is Jake face down in the water in the background. (no, he is not dead)

here is part of the crew. we were filling Sabastian's swim cap so we could stretch it out and fit someone inside. it worked. very freaky.
Well i have a ton of pics from that day. all of them will be in an album on my FaceBook. and i will make sure a post that video too.

Monday, July 20, 2009

for Princess Princess

Happy brithday Princess, Princess!! you did not think we would forget you!

We put shaving cream on all of "baby's" windows.

Wrapped up her door as pretty as a present.

Forked her yard. No message this time.
about 1/2 through her hubby pulls up. we were so busted! luckily he kept his mouth shut. ( a miracle in and of it's self.) totally shocked the heck outta her. so it was totally worth it.
so anyone else wanna tell me when their birthday's are? i don't charge a thing and have a whopping budget of 5 bucks.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

so much to catch up on!

so i had a blast with my sis and her family. but now i am so overwhelmed. i have over 100 pics so i have to whittle those down and get my stories in order to go with them. AHHH!

sorry it has been so slow here but i really wanted to stay off the computer while there and just enjoy the kids. it was great. i miss them all very much.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday dearest Traci

I have a friend ( or maybe i should say HAD a friend) who's birthday is tomorrow!! well brinn and i came up with the brillant idea of letting her know how much we love, love, love her.

so first we forked her. "Happy Birthday"
Then we newspapered her inside her house. (yes, those are panties on the light)
then earlier this month she got in a fender bender (that happens as you age) so we taped a gigantic eraser over the scrapes.

and we even made a tombstone for her youth. with the best flowers a dollar can bue.
we hung up another pair of panties on the flag of her mailbox. the mail man is getting a "special" delivery tomorrow.

and a pair on the antenna of her car.

we also left a little poem taped to the windshield of her car......
this was brinn's very first prank. i was so glad to be there for her and walk her through some of the vital tecniques. hmmm, i believe her birthday is next week.

Things on my ceiling, by jenn brown

There are things on my ceiling besides lightfixtures and bugs. Things that should not be there but have hung around for years. I blame it on laziness and a testiment to my children's ingenuity. We live in a older home so the ceiling are quite high ranging from 10-17 ft. high. Take, for example, the picture below. Can you guess what it is? i will post the answers below.
Exibit A
Exibit B

Exibit C

Exibit D

Exibit A: Tacobell fire sauce.
Exibit B: We think it could be a bug or maybe peanut butter.
Exibit C: A shoe print
Exibit D: Mashed Potatoes.
So how did you do? Probably better than me. next i will post what we find under the bed.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Anna, the model?? hmmmm

Ike got a hold of my camara. this is usually not a good thing. we have quite a few shots (hidden of course) of him just shoving the camara down his pants and clicking away.

but luckily this time his model was our very own anna. who, as it turns out, is not camara shy. (can't say the same thing for ike's usual subject.)

No, she does not have a shirt on. it is hot in our house and she is four. i see no reason for the girls (and jakey for that matter) not just run around in their unders in the house. we have no AC so it can get cookin' in here.

I call this one...."Yes, i am this pretty in real life."
This is her "SURPISE" look. fashion mags love this pose.

This one says..............."you don't have to love me, but i am pretty fabulous"

Now she is flirting with the camara. Photographers love this in a model.

And the grand finale......." WHEEEEEEE!"

and if this doesn't seem cute enough as is, don't forget we got another one just like her. haha

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Paper training....

Ria felt it was time to paper train her pet puppy "shilo" that she got from the hospital. i though he was on there to go potty but was quickly corrected the he is READING the paper. duh!

First Place Cherry Pie

Like any good starts out with purple hands. When i was a kid i did not have the best hygene. my hands would stay purple for days, if not weeks. but now they are back to normal within the day. (see mom, i was listening)

These purple hands totally grossed out Maria. she would not let me touch her or her blanket. anna could careless.
Okay on the serious stuff.......
in a pot on med hi heat are
6lbs bing cherries, pitted of course. (but if you are mean like me you will leave just a few un-pitted and hope and someone you cannot stand gets that piece.)
2 cups sugar
6 T. cornstarch
1T cinammon
3t nutmeg
2 cups water
let boil while stirring occationally until nice and thick. remove from heat and let cool.(this batch will make 3 pies)
The Pie Crust. ( Prepared in food processor)
2 3/4 c. flour
1/2 c. frozen butter ( yes real butter, it's pie crust for heaven's sake)
1/2 c. shortening
blend above ingredients together.
1/4 c. COLD water
1 egg
1T cider vinagar (trust me)
1t. salt
whisk above ingredients together then slowly add to food processor while running until a dough ball forms. remove from processor and kneed in more flour if it is too sticky. now you can chill the dough but i don't (enter gasp here) it is flakier when rolled out immediatly and baked. enough to make one double crusted pie.
brush with egg and sprinkle generously with sugar. place in a pre-heated 415 degree oven (yup, i typed that right) for 30-40 minutes. remove and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Maria's big day

So Maria had her first surgery yesterday. she did not like the jammies they gave her, hence the funny look on her face, they were itchy.

This is a self portrait she took. she is really that cute in person too.

After the surgery. it took just shy of two hours. they shortened the muscles in both eyes. she came out of the anesthetic so well. she did not fuss once. just very cuddly. i love cuddly. she is also holding the stufffed puppy the hospital gave her. she named him shilo.

Here she is giving a rather doped up smile to daddy.

her eyes are really swollen. she likes to peek out of them from time to time but we are really trying to let her rest them. i will post pics as they heal.