Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Presenting Daniel J. Brown of the graduating class of 2014

I cannot believe how quickly this day snuck up on me (cliche I know).

Daniel hates to have any kind of attention on just himself so this day was a challenge for him. He had to pose for endless pictures, he had to shake lots of peoples' hands and he had to deal with me, his mother, being oh so proud of my boy!!

I took him down to a near by park to get some pictures of him all dressed out in his cap and gown. You can kinda tell he is muttering to himself, "I feel so incredible stupid" through he clenched teeth. Oh well, I like the picture.

My mom and dad were kind enough to take time out of their busy schedule to attend Daniel's graduation. I am sure it was not the most thrilling 90 minutes of their lives, but for those few brief moments as he walked across the stage and got his diploma I know there is no place else in the world they would have been.

My son amid a sea of red. He graduated with 398 other kids. Huge difference from my graduating class of 64 kids. He actually has kids he graduated with that he does not even know. Weird. 

After the graduation Daniel had to pose for even more pictures! Our good friend, Miyuki Kamae made Daniel a graduation lei (Miyuki is from Hawaii were is it tradition to give the graduate leis on graduation), but instead in flowers she made them out of something near and dear to his heart, BACON! 

Ben and I with our graduate!!!!

Daniel wore a red bow tie and suspenders with a grey shirt in honor of Ferris' school colors. 

The usual family shot, girls being silly, Jake actually looked at the camera on this one ( an obvious mistake) and Ike standing far enough away that many people did not even realize he was in the shot. or part of this family. 

Daniel opted out of the Senior All Nighter, instead he and Forbush headed off to see the Godzilla movie and eat copious amounts of Panda Express. 

Now he is preparing for his next adventure........
A Mission!!