Monday, August 10, 2009

Here's Johnny! (warning! if you are afraid of snakes, skip this post)

This is Johnny Dazzles. His close friends call him Johnny. Ike was so hoping to find a snake on this trip because he dad said he could keep it for a pet if he did. I DID NOT KNOW THIS!! i state this loudly because i am the one that found the snake a caught it to show to the kids.

There have been very few times in Isaac's life that i have seen him this happy.

I found him at the beach. At the time he was eating his dinner. I did not know that was dinner in his mouth. He quickly dropped it and peed all over my arm.

This was Johnny's dinner. It's a bat. YUCK!! it laid on the ground attempting to flap and fly away. Sorry this is such a cruddy picture. but i was not willing to brush off said bat and pose it for a picture. i was just worrying what kind of dieases this bat was carrying and if the snake had contracted any of said dieases.
Johnny only was with us for a few days. he made his escape on saturday. needless to say the boys were crushed. i sorta missed the little buggar too. at least i don't have to worry about him getting loose in my house.

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