Wednesday, July 29, 2009

THE RULES!! no one is to question them.

House Rules.
1. If it is not yours LEAVE IT ALONE!!
2. Don’t ask for anything if you have not finished your chores first.
3. Play dates with friends will depend upon you behavior.
4. I am not your event planner. If you are bored I will put you to work.*See list.
5. Snack times are 10 am and 3 pm.
6. If you show respect you will get respect.
7. Only one box of cereal open at a time.
8. T.V. times are 7-8 am and 3-4pm. Gaming will be at 7pm. That is all. *It may be extended on account of rain. And you mother's mental stability.
9. If the rules are followed you will be rewarded with special outings or treats.
10. Throw a fit and it is mine!!! Ask me again and it is mine!!
11. I am on the phone for a reason and it is not to talk to you! Ask me for something and the answer is an automatic NO.

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