Friday, August 21, 2009

fun at the lake

i have a new calling in our church. i am in the Young Women's. which i found really quite amusing because usually they ask really nice people to be in there. anyways, we had a lake activity and i went along so the yw would get a chance to know me (that is not always a bad thing) and i would get a chance to know them. i took the boys up with me too.

tubing fun. the boys thought it would be lots of fun to go fast so they could listen to me expand their language skills.
Jakey on his very first tube ride. he loved it.

Forbush, Daniel and Ike just after there tube ride. I love their hair in this picture.

Jakey jumping off the dock. (This is my favorite picture of the day)
Lisa vogue(ing) on the hammock

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