Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another Level of Hell?

Hmmm, i think i may have stumbled across something here folks. The second week of Christmas break. Freezing temps, cabin fever, and lots of kids, five of whom are my of my own making.

The constant din of noise. I cannot seperate the fighting from the whining. It all blends in together, i would not call it white noise, because it is not at all relaxing. more like head pounding, nerve crushing, draining you of your will to live, kind of noise. We are all pretty tired of being in eachothers faces for the past week and a half and ready for a break.

i am sure i have unwhitingly stumbled across another level of hell that Dante left out. Maybe it was too depressing at the time for his book.

but i can tell you now, from experience, that this level makes you think bad, bad thoughts about your children. yep, the very same one you carried for nine months, choking down prenatal vitamins the size of horse pills and pushed out of your body with much pain and anguish. the very same children you stayed up with night after night with stuffy noses, ear aches, and gas. you now have no qualms of driving down a lone highway and sticking them in a snow drift and driving away, laughing maniacally to yourself as you do so. cause the farther you drive the more muffled their fighting becomes. this level makes you want to stay in your bed all day long. just lock the door, plug in your mp3 to drown out the pounding and screams coming from the other side of the door. this level makes your crave personal space. crave it like something you have never craved before, to be able to sit and not be a jungle gym, trampoline, or a foreign land mass to be conquered.

today is Wednesday. I have four more days left. I can only pray i hold out and not do something that will leave me in a deeper level of Hell.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

why i should never sleep in.

This is why I should never sleep in. Ike was blowing bubbles and Daniel was trying to pop them with teh nerf gun. i was so happy it was not the air soft this time.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

We had Christmas Eve with my In-Laws this year. And i want to go on record to say........I HAVE THE BEST IN LAWS EVER!! seriously, i do. i am spoiled rotten by these people. they have been there for us when ever and i do mean WHEN EVER we needed them. and what is one of the best things (there are many) is after every visit i can set my watch and in twenty minutes i will get a phone call from my mother in law because she is sure she as offended me in some way, either putting sock on the girls feet because she is sure they are cold (it was 102 outside) or making the boys take a shower cause they smell (the usually do) or giving me parenting advice. and ya know what? she has yet to offend me in all the sixteen years i have known her. i truly enjoy having them in my life. and not too many people can brag that. my father in law is awesome. it is through him that i learned that the NRA puts out a Christmas card every year, along with commemerative coins, and hats. infact i would not be surprised if one year he is elected to be the president of the NRA. He is a police officer through and through and yet, willingly will dance a jig for Anna just so she will smile in the hospital. Yes, he has spent many hours and hours at her bedside putting up with all sorts of abuse from all the meds she is on. and smiles through it all.
I have 4, yes, FOUR sisters in law!!! they are great. We got to have two of them live with us at different times, and they still talk to ME!! shocking! Katie is my right hand. The kids come yelling and running when she walks through the door. she has a very devout fan club here. i am usually leading the pack.
Susan and i have a unique bond. I can be as obnoxious as i want to her and she puts up with it. We went on a road trip a few years back. just the two of us to seattle and back in one day. WOW! it was a ton of fun. well except for the part where i got terribly ill after trying Mountain Dew for the first time. UGH!
Amy is fun. we had alot in common in our love of books and movies and well.......othert things. mwaa haaa haa. I do so wish she would move in on our block. We could have sooooo much fun.
Jenna is far away now. Raising a family of her own. We got to have her stay with us as she prepared for her mission. She does not know this but i missed her so much after she left i went through a few weeks of depression. Cannot wait until i can see her cute little family again.

Anyways.....on with Christmas Eve. the big gift this year was one the WHOLE family could enjoy.... deoderant. Yep, that's right. all the boys got Old Spice deoderant. Jakey was smelling mighty fine as he went to bed tonight. tomorrow we will have to let him know that is only goes under the arm. not all over the body.
Katie and Amy helping the kids decorate cookies for Santa.

YUM!! Amy has that look on her face because Jakey was breaking the legs off his gingerbread men so he could re-attach them with frosting. UGH. his earlier surgeries were not so successful.

Anna playing with the magnetic dress up doll kit she got and ria got. it has....TRIPLETS!! yeah.

It was a wonderful night. the children are all in bed. the blue tube of frosting was missing for a moment, but a quick check in the girls room, as i turned on the lights to see two blue smiles looking a me, it was quickly located and put away. far,far, away.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Top Secret Governent Experiment

We, being the naive parents that we are, did not realize our five children where part of a top secret government project on brain activity.

you see the moment they do something they know is wrong they immediatly forget it. i know this sounds far fetched, but true. i can witness them eating crackers out of the pantry, but when confronted they will deny, knowing nothing of the crime. fasinating isn't it? here are some case studies from our files.

We walk in the house after a date, there is chocolate syrup all over the walls and floor. We procede to ask, "Who did this?" and shockingly......NONE OF THEM REMEMBER!!

I go to comb my hair in the bathroom. I look into the mirror and realize i cannot see myself through the toothpaste that has been smeared on every square inch. i ask, "Who did this?" and guess what? THEY DO NOT REMEMBER!!

I look behind the sofa to find a empty box of Cheez-its (considered a food group on our house) with cheez-it carcasses scattered about it. A truly sad, sad sight. Someone must be punished for this genocide. But alas NO ONE REMEMBERS.

The toilet, as repeat offender in this house. Is often the victim of many heinous crimes. All to often we have walked in, un-suspecting, to an un-flushed toilet. even more scary than that is knowing their were turds in it at one time. but the dogs have since eaten them. Or worse yet, the mystery puddle infront of the toilet. You don't always see it until it is too late. You go to pull up your pants....and they are wet. Hmmm, you think to yourself, I don't remember peeing my pants. You head out of the bathroom swearing immediate death to the offender. but alas, we are victims of our government because, NO ONE REMEMBERS!

So let this serve as a warning to other parents out there. Keep a close eye on your children at all times. Because the government will get them too.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

ike's chirstmas list

This is my ten yr old, Ike.
this year he asked for....

liquid nitrogen
33 tons of steel.

i am no magic eight ball.....but i predict a very dissapointed boy on christmas morning.
You are very welcome NATO and thank you for the christmas card and box of chocolates.

Friday, December 11, 2009

December's visit

We were able to skip october's visit to the childrens hospital through creative medicating. but december caught us. she is getting used to the routine though. she was only afraid of getting poked (IV) but luckily we got there before it got that bad and she is awesome at taking her meds. so there is really no reason to give them to her intraveinusly. it is a bit pathetic when the dr. knows who you are. sigh. my mom did the night shift, which i am so thankful for. and dan's dad did the morning shift so i could get kids off to school before heading up for the day. we have this down to a seamless routine. =)

she got a super cool elephant mask this time. softer plastic and more comfortable.
mommy learns new tricks everytime. playdoh works great. that gave her something to do when she felt up to it. we also went for walks. but she hated those. it was very hard for her to do.

last day there!! her and maria spend alot of time on the phone. no sibling are allowed in her room. and only immediate family could come.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

girls turn FIVE!!!!

So they said it could not be done. That they would never make it to five because the odds were against them. The odds of course being.......they have THREE older brothers. They have a penchant for getting into serious trouble as many of you have borne witness too on this blog.

As you can see they are a tad bit excited. ris is trying really hard not to blow out her candle during the song.

PRESSIES!!! they had a song that they made up just for this occation. it is posted below the pictures.

princess dinnerware!!!

these were the hit of the party.


the girls and their barbies watching their new Tinkerbell movie.

we will be having the "big" party this saturday with all the grandparents and aunts, uncles and cousins.

pressie song.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

so cute you are gonna wanna barf

We had thanksgiving with the Reneer's this year. We were joined by Blair, Linda, Max, Jaylee, and kathryn. Oops, and Pecos, Toad, and Tigger. (the pups)

it was so much fun to be out there again. it has been 11 years since we had a chance to go out there.

Linda and Max making the "creamed corn"

Mom and Kathryn. We came to the conclusion that mom is shrinking

More of Max. he has a great poker face.

Bumski with the ladies.
Kathryn and Lou trying to figure out who it taller. guess what! you are both the same height!

Jakey playing fetch with Tigger.

The pups getting their Thanksgiving dinner.

after dinner games

girls playing ring around the rosy and the take down that followed dinner.

Friday, December 4, 2009

what do you dream about?

so i was snuggling with the ladies the other morning. and they were talking about their dream. now this is unusal as they never really talk about what they dream about.

maria was talking about playing hide and seek with anna and jacob. anna piped up how jakey kept telling maria where she was and it made maria mad. and maria said that she yelled at jacob to stop it but he would not so anna had to get me. i asked the girls "did you guys have the same dream?" they said yep. we always do. WHAT!!!!

so not only to they play with eachother all day and sleep with eachother all night ( yes, the will not sleep in different beds) the dream with eachother too. i wonder what it is like to be that connected to someone.