Thursday, August 27, 2009

How I Spent the First Day of School

This is what happens when three boys share a room. Like the bed? Loren made it for us. I love that it comfortably sleeps four. The boys are always having someone stay the night and floor space is not always an option.
anyways, this is a summers worth of mess. i was not going to put the work into cleaning it until i knew they would be out of the house for at least 7 hours.
I found a disgusting amount of dirty underwear, stiff socks, lots of bananna peels that were beyond moldy and just stiff. tacks, those ones hurt to find. millions and millions of Legos, silverware, plates, cups (no napkins, but then again they don't even use those at the table. why would they use them in their room?) candy bar wrappers. have no idea where they got the candy bars. bag full of baseballs, and lots of sheets and blankets that jumped ship from their beds.

And after a mere 6 hours of work i found a bedroom. wierd.

Added some decor that we found on the side of the road. totally legit!!

and a cork board for them to completely ignore and throw their papers all over the floor anyways and leave me to find the tacks.
I give this clean up job a month. then i will back to screaming at them to clean their room.

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  1. Wow Jenners I am sooooo impressed. It looks absolutely fabulous. What a job you had and you did a great job. What a MOM! You are gooooooood!