Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Last night as Dan and I went to check on the girls we could not open the door. They had moved the wardrobe infront of the door so we could not open it. When Daniel went to check on them this morning he was able to open the door with no problem. The wardrobe had been moved back. Well I could not believe these two little girls could move this very HEAVY wardrobe on their own so I asked them to do it while i video taped them. It is amazing. We will srewing it to the wall today.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Last saturday Jakey got hit in the head with a shovel by his older brother Ike. It was a total accident (at least that is the story they are both stickin' with) i am sure the truth will come out years from now. Jakey bled really bad as with most head wounds and i was a terrible blogger and did not take photos of the events as they happened. we took him to the er within 15 minutes of the incident only to wait for 40 minutes. he played his Leapster (kinda like a gameboy but with educational games) and was pleased that he got to watch starwars while he got stitched up. all in all and great trip for him. he walked out with slipper socks, stuffed cat and a really cool story for his friends. mean while back at home ike was freaking out thinking he killed his baby brother. poor kid was actually nice to him for two days straight after that. that is a HUGE thing for Ike.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

She has got the Moves!

Ria is known around the house for her kickin' dance moves., and being the ham she is she loves to have the camara on her. She obviously takes after her mother. I was well known for my moves in the YSA circut.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Leaving my mark.

I like to leave my mark when i visit people. So i started a mural on one of Kathryn's walls. I figure i will add to it each time i visit. Which according to the kids should be as soon as it is warm enough to pitch a tent. they like the idea of camping out with the deer in her yard. anyways, here is a pic of the start of the mural.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bringin' abit of class to Republic, WA.

We visit my sister Kathryn, up in the great city that is Republic. Three hours of travel each way but well worth the trip. The kids had a blast.

We started out with a bike ride to get rid of all the extra energy from being trapped in a van for so long. Things started out great with a two block ( using the term "block" liberaly. i don't think Republic has an actual block.) but i am remiss to inform you that about 1/2 mile in the three youngest started dropping like flies making the trip uphill from the trail less than fun. The three older boys did great.

Too pooped to peddle.

Then we headed to "Mel's Diner" for lunch. We made record profits for them this month.

Anna looking over the menu.

The bathroom floor at Mel's was the show stopper. Of course each kid HAD to try to get a penny so all hands had to be washed.

Rock Hounds. There is fossils galore in Republic. Who knew! anyways, the official fossil dig was still closed from the winter but the "un-official" one was still open. Everyone had such a great time and fossil were found.

Climbing up the rock face.

Daniel's buddy came with us. He was so proud of his find.

Danie with his find.

The mule deer pretty much have run of the town.
Ike with Kathryn's puppy, Toadie.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

obsession with poo.

my hubby has an obsession with poo. it is hard not to in this house. most surfaces in this house, at one time or another, have been covered in the stuff.

Anyways, hubby has several names for poo that he likes to try out on me. I think he is going for the shock value. I must add a disclaimer that he was NOT like this when i married him. So here are a list of some of his varieties of poo he has come across in our home. enjoy.


consta-ria=a constipated version of diarrhea

mt. crapatoa=explosive diarrhea

craptastic=poo that shows up anywhere but in the toilet.

crap-a-lishous=poo that felt good

we also have a few ground rules in this poo obsessed house.

1. i don't care how cool it tooks, i don't want to see it.
2. no taking pictures of poo.
3.for heaven's sake...LIGHT A MATCH!!
4.the only skid marks i wanna see are on the street.

umm, okay. i think i have grossed you out enough. have a good day.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rookie Mistake

I was not feeling well at all today and a friend came over that needed some computer work done. while she was here she noticed how bad off i was and offered to put the girls down for their nap. i totally forgot to tell her about the prison style bed check we have to do every time we put them to bed. so this is what greated me when i got them up.

Their pretty sheets.

Anna is trying to explain away out of this in picture one. Maria knows she is busted. Picture two Anna is telling me what Maria was going to do to her if she did not help out and Maria is showing me all the pretty colors she used on her legs. She called them her "racing pants" grrrrrrr.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The very rare and seldom seen "whitie-fro"

It was just too bizzarre to not photograph.

Sidewalk chalk and bubbles in the park, Must be spring!

Well we were finally able to take advantage of this beautiful weather. We had some friends over for dinner tonight and afterwards we walked up to the park to play. Bought some sidewalk chalk and bubbles because those are always a HUGE hit with the little ones. Of course we attracted little ones from all over too. A bit of a push from sister.
I am smiling mom!

My friend's little girl. She looked so pretty I had to post it.

Anna takes art ver seriously.

Three little girls blowing bubbles. It doesn't get much cuter than this.

The older boys entertained themselves playing "Fireball" which looked alot like dodge ball but everyone lined up along the wall the one person threw a ball at them. if you got hit you were the next one up to throw. seems simple enough.

Monday, April 6, 2009

getting creative and organized.

I have a chili pepper kitchen, i will post pics of that in another post, i took one of the cubbard fronts and used chalkboard paint to make a menu board. no more "What is for dinner tonight?" i post the whole weeks menu.

Of course i had to paint chili peppers on it!

ike's ode to his bike

It may not be shiny or new
the seat may sag and the rear tire wag
but it's nicer than yours so suck on that chumps.
he made this up all on his own. Ralph Waldo Emmerson better watch his back.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

These boots were made for walkin'....

The girls found a pair of Papa's boots that he gave to Daniel. Well Daniel's huge feet quickly outgrew them and now Ike is next in line. Anna put them on and did a lovely dance for me then Maria not wanting to be out done had to show us her dance moves too. You will have to pardon the lack of pants in this video. The girls are not real big fans of clothing. Something we will have to deal with later but not a fight i am willing to face at the moment.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

what to do when it snows during spring break

a common problem here in the great pacific northwest is snow during spring break. we got dumped on twice and in between that we were up to our waists in mud.

we caught a quick break where it was just a light drizzle of snow flakes and made a run for the Idaho border with my pal and her kids. Took the crew to courdelane ( have no idea how to spell it so i went phonetically) it was really cold right on the lake but the kids had fun and got to burn off lots of that pent up energy. we also went to the hotel there ( by the same name) and let the kids warm up a bit.
Waiting outside the hotel. Ha Ha Daniel.
Warming up

Chasing Canadian Geese on the beach

Aw ma, i just wanna swim a bit.
There is a HUGE revolving door at this hotel and Brinn and I thought i would be interesting to see how all 8 kids would do going through. Many of them never having been through a revolving door before. so of course i had to take a video of it. oops, i took it sideways, sorry.

Now that they were pros....