Tuesday, August 18, 2009

been busy

i know it has been awhile since i posted, and it has family members worried. i am sorry. see i have been so busy i have had to alot pee time just to keep my bladder from exploding. but i think todoay (hopefully) i should be caught up. it seems that if one is gone for a week you have two weeks worth of catching up to do. i am tired of it. i have not had time to read. i need my reading time. ALOT! but i will not allow myself to have it until all my chores or done. ( or i would never get anything done and would read all day long)

now onto my new problem. i don't like sugar. it is not a sudden thing, but has been slowly building for the past 4 years. when i am preggars i don't like chocolate. it would just taste waxy on my tounge and by the end of each preg. i had no sense of taste left. i could only eat by texture. very blah.

now my list is....

chocolate (any kind)
sugary cereal
reeses peanut butter cups (verysad)
white cheddar popcorn (very very sad)
ice cream

this is a very sad list. i loved all these things for so, so long. now they either taste gross and grainy to me or just flavorless. WHAT IS NEXT!! i love to eat. it is something of a hobby to me. i see it more than just a way to get nutrion but also very, very enjoyable.

so my family is suffering because there is very seldom sweets to eat in the house. hey, if i can't enjoy it why should i buy it? i need to make an effort and get some cookies in the jar so at least they will have something to enjoy after school.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about the sugar. Maybe you could see a doctor about fixing it, because in my opinion, life without chocolate is just not worth living.