Thursday, January 9, 2014

Eagle Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2013

So the Inland Northwest Council hosted a graduation for all the boys who had earned their rank of Eagle Scout this past year. Daniel received an invite in the mail and wanted to attend. I must say they put on one heck of a show. We had a lovely dinner and the speakers were great. 

They had each scout tell where they are from, what they did for their eagle project and what their next step in life is.

In this picture they has all the boys take the eagle oath as well as recite the Scout Oath, Pledge and Promise.  

In this picture I tried to show how many scouts were there that night. Daniel knew only three of them. There were boys from all over the area. I believe the count was over 100.

Each boy was giving an eagle scout coin. It is beautiful and was lost by Sunday ( the next day ) but then found again. Ha. Ha. Ha.

From left to right: Robert Birkby, has written the last 3 scout books, Mike McGinnis, Council Commissioner, Daniel, Tim McCandles, Col. Brian Newberry, and George Nethercutt, former Washington State Senator.

The Graduating Class of 2013. 

You cannot see Daniel in this picture because he stood in the very far back and hid between to people. I was NOT happy. He better not do something like that again.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Our Christmas Break

This Christmas break was low key for the Brown/Guhl household. Being so busy with school this fall quarter I wanted to just enjoy the little things with my family.

It started off great with snow coming down in buckets the first day of break.........
No snow since. Now just a yucky, muddy, rainy mess. POOO!

1. Stayed up all night watching Christmas movies to start off the break.
2. Drinking ridiculous amounts of hot cocoa.
3. Going to the YMCA to play in the pool or play pool.
4. Trips to the library.
5. Visiting with family.
6. Enjoying all the treats the holiday season has to offer with my family.
7. All of us making gingerbread houses and then delivering them to our friends.
8. Relaxing on the couch with my hubby and watching a movie. (Been a few months since that happened)
9. Sleeping in!
10. Taking the time to enjoy each of my children individually.
11. Grow out my nails and polish them up all pretty. ( I have to keep the super short and NO NAIL POLISH ALLOWED!)
12. Use my good smelling lotions and perfumes. (also a big no-no during school. If they feel we have too strong of a perfume smell from soap, shampoo, lotion, ect. we will be sent home for the day)

This Christmas was bittersweet knowing that this will probably be my last Christmas in a long time with my WHOLE family. Daniel will be on his mission for the next two years and I see his leaving as the beginning of all my little birds leaving the nest. This day seemed like it was just some unimaginable date in the distant future, but now it is here and I am not ready!!