Tuesday, August 11, 2009

camping at outlet.

This year was my ten year anniversary of camping with the kiddlets. It could not have been better weather. we have had our share of thunder and lightening storms, torrental downpours, and days and days of rain but this year we lucked out! sunshine all week long. Not too much in the way of wildlife sightings. over the years we have seen moose,bunnies, deer, and snakes. luckily no skunks or bears. I am very lucky to have kids that love to camp with their mom. they have to put up with alot being my kids. we had some friends come up and visit a few times and met up with the rest of the Reneer family on friday at Luby Bay.

Home Sweet Home for the next week.

Anna with Aunt Katie

Putting up the tarp over the table. It always rains on us.

Dad playing with the kiddlets in the Priest Lake

The evenings were spent playing games.

Every year we go out for ice cream one night.

Just relaxing.

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