Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Spelling Leessonz

Isaac bought a game off of ebay. It came in the mail Saturday. He was super-duper excited. He was also just a tad bit paranoid that someone else would play the game before he could. 
Isaac came up with a genius plan, he would write on the envelope that this was his game and that no one else should play it. So he wrote, "Propartee of Izick, do NOT Tooch. I am not sure was tooch means or what a pro-partee is but it sure sounds fun so I went ahead and played it. 
I leaned that tooch means the game is lousy and pro-partee means it should be broken into a zillion little pieces.  Isaac quickly informed me I was wrong. The words are obviously "property" and "touch". Gosh, I think I need some spelling lessons.

Ike is taking ceramics this semester in school. He brought home a bird house that he made. It says on the front, "Welcome Birdiez"  As we were all admiring the craftsmanship of the birdhouse Anna took it upon herself to point out the obvious......"Birds can't read"  Oh snap! ha ha ha ha

Friday, November 29, 2013

Time for arts and crafts, brought to you by Isaac Brown

Issac signed up for ceramics this year in high school. Ferris requires its students to be "well rounded individuals" so therefore they force them to take some sort of music or art class. Isaac nixed the music class because the music teacher feels there is no room for a banjo in the strings section. 

That's okay, Isaac felt he could better express himself through clay. He expressed himself by making a spittoon. Not just any spittoon though, this one weighs a good 10 pounds and features banjos and bears. 

I immediately made the rule that he cannot use it. He immediately told me he already has. I am starting to wonder how much of the weight is from actual clay.

Ike's rendition of a bear, laying down.

Ike's beloved banjo.

I cannot even fathom what his next project will be. Seriously, I have no clue.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Some day my prince will come.......but probably not today.

Our young men and young women of our church had a Disney dance. Dress up as your favorite Disney Character. Daniel had to settle for Woody but he wanted to be......

This was Ike's first dance, and he actually wanted to go. He was really pleased to dress up as Capt. Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. He has a really cool pirate sword,and Ben let him borrow his costume from Halloween.

Here is Daniel as Woody from Toy Story. If you look really closely you can see his sheriff badge says "Sheriff Daniel" it is from when he was 3 years old. Grandpa Reneer brought it back from Las Vegas. He even has the empty gun holster. I can't believe I put off two hours of studying to make a cow hide vest for my 17 year old's Woody costume. 

If you pull he chain he says such clever things as.....
"There's a snake in my boots!"
"You're my favorite deputy."
"Someone's poisoned the water well!"

Believe or not Ike is really excited, he is just in character. Jack is a rather grouchy guy.

They both had a very good time and even remembered to bring home mom a cookies and chocolate milk. 

Happy Birthday Anniversary Dan

We have a lot of little traditions around the house that helps us remember Dan. One of the favorites is his birthday celebration. We have one of his favorite birthday dinners (steak or ribs) with his favorite birthday cake, Costco's Death by Chocolate. 
This year it was voted to have b-b-q'd ribs. Steak or ribs are a huge treat at our house. We make this only once or twice a year because of cost. 

So when the kids get their grubby little hands on them they lick them clean. The girls like to polish the bones with their teeth! I prefer a nice b-b-q'd chicken breast. :) 

This is followed by a sliver of cake. This cake is crazy rich. Dan loved, loved, loved chocolate and yet one year he gave it up for an entire year just because he wanted to prove he could.

Dan would have been 47 years old. 

The girls did cards and sent them up in balloons.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Driving Lessons

Yesterday afternoon I was driving back from the dump with my oldest son, Daniel. Daniel is 17 and will be 18 in a few months. He has been driving for almost 2 years. Two years of early morning seminary (5:50 am). Two years of shuttling between high school campus and college campus, and two years of being mom's back up taxi. Yesterday I began to wonder if this is all really a good idea having him drive. It all started like this.......
Mom: Daniel, the windows are getting foggy from all this talking (see it is winter here so it is dark by 4 pm) I am going to have to turn on the defrost.

Daniel: WHAT??!!

Mom: You know, the defrost button, it clears the windows so you can see.

Daniel: You're kidding right? There is an actually a button that can do that?

Mom: You're kidding right? You did not know about the defrost button?

Daniel: If I did know I would not have been driving with my head hanging out the window so I can see. Sheesh.

Okay boys and girls, here is what we learned......

First: If you notice your windows are fogging up press the magic button that clears the windows so you can actually see where you are going.

DO NOT....I repeat.....DO NOT DO THIS!!!
Especially if it is 24 degrees out side with out the fact you are driving 30 mph down the road. Apparently tears freeze at that temperature.

But no worries, there were no witness because he had on the high beams on as well because it was foggy out. Yes, I showed him were the fog light buttons were as well on the dashboard.

To all the drivers that had to witness this spectacle I apologize profusely on behalf of my son.

At least I got a good laugh out of it. Hope you did too.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A little boy with a big bass

Jakey, our 10 yr old, has decided he wanted to learn the bass. Here is the problem, a 1/4 bass is 5'5" in height and weighs a good bit too. 
Granted we live about a block away from school but it is an awfully big and awkward thing to carry. 

Ben designed and built a light weight hand truck for Jakey's bass out of PVC. 

Fairly simple, straightforward design that will make Jakey's walks to and from school so much easier. We also put old snow blower tires on it so hopefully that should help keep it mobile this winter.

He can already play the star wars Darth Vader march! ha ha ha

My silly boy.

Heading off to school. He said this made his walk to and from school so much easier he said.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Famous People

I would like to thank all the little people that helped me climb so high on this ladder of fame. Right now Isaac and I are almost to the bottom rung.

Last Saturday, September 14 our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, teamed up with several other churches in Spokane to clean up a neighborhood. What is really neat is that it ended up being the neighborhood Dan and I lived in after he graduated from college. It is a pretty rough place and we both learned a lot of things there.

The five kiddos and myself (Ben had to work that day) were put on a team with about 7 other people to clean up a gentleman's backyard, front yard, and do some minor roof repairs. Turns out there was a lot of work that needed to be done. Years of neglect had taken it's tole. Many of the tree branches were hanging over power lines and crushing fences. There was massive amounts of garbage to rake and bag up as well as pruning, weed whacking and whatnot.

As we worked there were several news crews around to filming as well as the local newspaper reporters. For some reason they chose our house to spotlight.

The Spokesman Review ended up using a picture of Ike and I on the front page. Due to copy write laws I cannot post a picture but they did say I can post a link to the article.

***Now for a funny side note.****
There is a man in our ward that goes by the name of Maurie Hainsworth. He is about 92 years young. He likes Isaac for some reason. I think it is because they are both crotchety. He is always getting on Ike each Sunday to button up his shirt, fix his tie, roll down his sleeves and comb his hair (or cut it if need be), and by all means stop slouching this is a pew not your bed! Ike takes it well and straighten up his appearance. I thank Maurie and we continue on with our Sunday routine because if I spoke like this to Ike he would just roll his eyes and call me names in his head and possibly grace me with his favorite phrase, "Whatever" (must be stated with eye roll).

Well as Ike came into church Maurie showed Ike the picture in the paper and said every Sunday I tell you to
Button up,
Un-roll your sleeves,
Tuck in your shirt,
and fix your hair.
What is wrong with this picture Isaac?
Isaac replies, "I dunno."
Maurie states, "You're doing none of those is this picture!" and smacks him upside the head and walks off.
I am loving that man more and more each Sunday.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Daniel's Senior Pictures

Yes, you read that right. My Daniel is a senior this year. GASP!!

So Daniel and I went off to take pictures of himself. Turns out this is not his favorite activity. It is right up there with learning how to latch hook a rug.

He was a tough nut to loosen up and pose in a natural position. After taking lots and lots of pictures, most of them of him blinking, Ben and I have whittled it down to these four. Daniel does not like any of them. He said it is nothing against the photographer, he just does not like pictures of himself. I can honestly say I know exactly how he feels. I think of all the 400+ posts I have on this blog I am in less that five pictures.

Here is voted # 3
 Here is voted # 4
 Here is voted # 1
 Here is voted #2

Feel free to weight in and let us know what one you think should go into the yearbook. But be fast, we have to have the pictures turned in soon.

P.S. Daniel is one very handsome kid!! Luckily he will never make it this far down on the post to read this.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Post summer wrap up

This summer we did A LOT! It was crazy busy. But here is my reason/ excuse. This is our last summer with Daniel. Next summer he will be on his mission or off working. This makes me sad to ponder. He was my very first road trip and camping buddy.

This is the boys chopping up some wood for our fire. We had to cook most of our food over the fire because the hornets were so heavy at camp this year the only time they would leave the food alone is when it was over an open flame. This made eating mildly uncomfortable. 

This may look like an ordinary picture...but if you look closely you will see the remnants of many, many sticks. They started off as small trees but ended up as toothpicks. We had a pluthera of toothpicks at camp. Extremely sharp toothpicks. We used them to defend ourselves from the hornets.

Our usual ice cream stop. Those who have followed through the years, (me), will notice that our benches and carved bears are missing. We were very sad. But luckily the ice cream helped fill the void.
** Daniel had an epiphany while eating his bubble gum ice cream. He commented, "Mom, boys don't really grow up do we? I mean we get big and such but inside we are still about 4 years old. Here I am skinned knee from crashing on my bike, chili from dinner dripped down my shirt and your still handing me napkins to wipe the ice cream off my chin." ** I always joked the kid was a genius, now I am beginning to actually wonder....

After a week of camping we came home, joined Ben and took the kiddos to Silverwood, our local theme park. Anna, Maria and Jakey earned free tickets through the school's reading program. Here is Maria and Ben on the train ride.

Anna and Maria on the bumper cars. I have no pictures of the boys because they were all off riding roller coasters and making themselves sick. WOO WHOO!!

Jakey is a HUGE garflield fan and was very excited to have a picture taking with Garfield and Odie. He made me promise to use this as his profile picture when he is old enough to have a Facebook account. Well this could like a tiny bit out of date when he is 30 and finally is allowed a Facebook account.

We grew a small garden this year. The girlies planted carrots. Here is Anna enjoying some of her hard work.
 This is Maria giving her carrots and close inspection.

All in all this summer was fantastic! It went by way too fast! All the kids are back in school more or less. Daniel's college starts in the middle of September as does mine.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Ike's Observations

One of Issac's chores is to clean the bathroom everyday.
Yes our bathroom need to be cleaned everyday.
Seven people, one bathroom.
You can do the math.

While cleaning the toilet I hear him shout out, "THE TOILET BOWL SHOULD BE YOUR TARGET PEOPLE!!"

 I responded, "I will try better next time."

Ike came out and said, "I am talking to the snipers of the house mom, not the shot guns." HA HA HA HA

Love that kid.

Then again this is the same 14 year old who laid down on the floor outside the bathroom door and asked if he could have snack through the crack the is between the floor and the bottom of the door. All I wanted was a few minutes of peace to pee. I guess I should have been more realistic in my dreams.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

All work and no play can make for a very dull summer


This is my former BFF Anna Nelson. I say former because she is moving away from me to Portland, Oregon. I am bitter about it. Very, very bitter. So bitter in fact I took her kayaking knowing she had no idea how to swim. HA HA HA. Those are my feet. That is the only picture you are going to get of me. 

While we were out on the lake we noticed a fire that started up. As we paddled around I took pictures as it got bigger and bigger. Then I called home to make sure all my boys were still there. 

We stopped for lunch and we were met by the local welcoming committee. 

This is Daniel's friend he met at UCLA. She lives in Colorado so really they do not see each other. This summer her and her family flew to China and had a 14 hour layover in Seattle. So......I loaded up Daniel and Ike and went to Seattle for Saturday.She brought him back some really fun stuff from China......surprisingly it was all made in the USA. HA HA.....I kid. He brought her some cool huckleberry items because they do not have those in Colorado. 

After the airport we went to the Seattle Aquarium. Ike is an avid fisherman. The trip was bitter sweet for him. Surrounded by all these gorgeous fish and no fishing rod. 

They also had some nice touch tanks. I like feeling the sea anemones. 

They did have a couple tropical salt water tanks as well. Which is good because the fish of the pacific northwest are rather drab.

This is my absolute favorite picture of the trip. 

Finally an animal I can relate to.

These are my two oldest. The first of the family. I cannot remember the last time I got to spend a day with just them. Words cannot describe how special this day was for me. I am sure for them it was just another trip with their mother, sigh..... but for me it was an opportunity that is quickly slipping away. We laughed a lot. I teased and embarrassed them mercilessly and I watched them smile and laugh with each other. 

As you know I notice odd signs. Ones that should have been checked again for spelling, punctuation and grammar and of course just for making absolutely no sense at all. 

I personally prefer my toilet paper to be virgin toilet paper. Call me old fashioned but I do not want to reuse someone else's toilet paper. Keep that crazy practice in Seattle. Here in Spokane it is all virgin all the time!

So there ya go. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer time fun for everyone!!

This summer I decided to take on the chipping paint on the house. Next summer I think I will just sew my face to the carpet. Seems like it will be easier, less hornets, and a lot less painful.

Daniel helped out a lot when he was home. We learned the joys of scraping. Turns out there are not a lot of joys to scraping. It was a very short lesson. As you can see by all the bare places on the cedar siding we has a shameful amount of loose paint.

I am not a huge fan of heights and did not enjoy being on the top of a 17 foot ladder. Turns out the hornets living in the apex of our roof was also not fond of having me at the top of the ladder either. I got stung in the neck once and Daniel, in fear of being stung, flung a paintbrush full of primer at them. Ya, that made a bit of a mess.

After scraping and two coats of primer I was ready to start putting on some color. I love colors!! I was really struggling trying to figure out what colors to throw up there and Ben had a brilliant idea. I love fiesta ware colors....why not use those. So I did!! 

 Because our house was build in 1950 it has come cool character to it. I wanted to have some fun with the diagonal siding and did chevron strips on it. This is the front of the house.

This is the side of our home. All ugly......

Nice and white with primer....

Now all happy and colorful!!!

 Here is the carport in front of the house. I figured you really should never paint a house from 1950 without including Seafoam green!! 

I love my home now. Well at least the trim work on it. I have actually have people stop while walking by and comment on how cool it turned out. She is defiantly unique, but really, would you expect anything else??

Now to put on a new roof. Ugh!! The one we have now has decided to start leaking.