Sunday, March 29, 2009

This week's menu

Every Sunday I write out the week's menu around what i got on sale the week before. Wednesday is always ramen night because it is the busiest night of the week for us and Friday is pizza a movie night. My favorite night of the week because I don't have to cook.

Sunday- Turkey cassarole with cheez-it topping
Monday- Roasted Chicken x2, mashed taters and veggies
Tuesday- Meatballs and rice
Thursday-Curry and Rice ( good use of leftover chicken from monday)
Saturday- Fettuchine Alfredo with salad ( good use of left over chicken from monday)

With the kids all home because of springbreak I had to come up with a lunch menu too.

Monday- Hotdogs
Tuesday- Mac-n-cheese
Friday-Grilled Cheese

Friday, March 27, 2009

My New Nephew.

Extreme Close-Up

Yah, I am a very PROUD AUNT!

I really liked this material because of all the different textures he will get to explore with his mouth.

So my baby sister and her hubby. Max Reneer Davis is quite possibly the cutest baby boy EVER. (present company excluded of course) Lot of wavy blonde hair. I did the typical mormon thing of throwing together a baby blanket in a matter of hours so I would have something to take to him. I think he appreciated the thought.

And away we go........

Okay, here it goes. I am going to start blogging the craziness that is my life. My hubby of 14 yrs and our 5 children will be the main recipients of my biting sarcasm but every once in a while i will try to include others too.

A bit about me, I am 34 and devistatingly beautiful, YIKES!! did anyone else see that lightening? Anyways, I live in a tiny house with 6 other people and two dogs. Most days i prefer the dogs. My three boys are 13,9&6 and then the twins are 4. yup, 5 kids in 8 years. I am not proud of it, but hey it's done. I love, love, love to read. So any interesting books i will be sure to review and suggest. I will of course tell you the ones I hated and make sure you don't make the same mistake. Umm, i guess that is all i have time for now. Gotta go get the last two kids bathed this morning, clean up the closet they got into and tore all the clothing and bedding out of, deliver a lunch to school that one of the boys forgot, and then just do the daily chores. =)