Tuesday, June 16, 2009

whaddya mean school is out?

so apparently the last day of school is tomorrow and i am back being in charge of the children 24/7. in fact my freedom of just having the 3 kids home ends tomorrow at 11:45 am. not that i am counting down the minutes. i know, i know, what is just two more kids to the mix. let me tell you.....

i have a 13 yr old that CANNOT keep his hands, or really any other body part, to himself. he has to touch, smack, slap, flick ect. his sibling when he walks by them or they walk past him. he says he cannot control it. it is an automatic reflex. i think am going to show him MY automatic reflex too. then the 10 yr old who like to follow me around and remind me every 15 minutes when the last time he ate was and that he is currently starving but doesn't want any of the snacks i offer him. an extreme tax on my patience. i am not a patient person. then there is the 6 yr old who follows the 10 yr old and what ever the 10 yr old puts down the 6 yr old snatches it up and runs off to play with it. this infuriates the 10 yr old ( he has my patience) once he realises prized toy is missing he runs after 6 yr old and yanks it from his hands and usually doses out some phyiscal violence to drive the point home to stay away from his toys. the 6 yr old will not learn from this abuse. he will be back. he always comes back. and that will be just the first 2 hours of my morning.

so needless to say, i will be calling my dr. tomorrow and getting my dosage of anxiety medication bumped up. it is for the better, really, it is.


  1. Jenners it has to give you some peace of mind to know that Daniel is sooooo very normal for his age! As for Jakie, you really need to have a serious heart to heart talk to him about valuing his life. Ike give him a snack with a bit of a sedation in it! Yes this is a gramma writing :)

  2. The snack with a sedative is not a bad idea, may have to try it myself. Jenn, hang in there, we're all suffering together and you know what they say about misery loving company. We'll have to make a few trips together this summer and I'll come check out your pool. Seven extra children should help you feel better about your five. That is if I remember to take them home. =)