Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A gift from Daniel and Isaac

Okay, so the boys were so excited to give me this "gift" that they found outside yesterday. of course they brought it to me and i set it down by my computer. Luckily i am not afraid of bugs. only slugs. (shudder) I should be more wary when the boys have a "gift" for me in the future. someday i will post about the slug they left on my pillow, only to have me find it as i was getting ready to lay down on it. GRRR!

This thing is HUGE! dan won't touch it. still has flashbacks of the cockroaches in Japan. look at it little beady eyes. pure evil

It was dead. and looked like it had been dead for a very long time. it is now in the trash because last night i kept having dreams of gigantic cochroaches climbing all over the place. Daniel and Ike will just have to be happy with the photo journaling.


  1. It may be dead but still makes me shudder. You are SUCH a cool mom. I'd be screaming, "Get that out of my HOUSE! I will look at it OUTside. Bugs don't belong inside, alive OR dead." My hat's off to you.

  2. remember when we first met and you thought i was nuts because i was letting the boys dissect a bumble bee on the counter so they could look at it under the microscope.