Friday, June 19, 2009

Daycare anyone?

So apparently i am running a free daycare. i did not realize this until a friend pointed it out to me yesterday. i had 15 kids at my house. thursday i only had 9. i currently have 9 but that is only because a few slept over. ( yes, i have problems saying no.) as i was cleaning my house at 10pm to get a jump start on the day i was surprised by how trashed it was. it never gets that dirty. then i started counting the kids that were here throughout the day. i am glad they all like to come over. i would rather have them here then out getting into trouble. they added on to the treehouse. it is looking rather nice i might add. they played in the pool so long that i can no longer see the the bottom of the pool. hopefully the shock treatment and clarifier that i put in last night will take care of that. and had some awesome adventures in the woods. (yes, i did draw the line when they asked for knives)

so i think i am going to start charging a "cover charge" for those staying more than 3 hours. i figure i should be making some sort of money off this.

(Sorry there are no picture to go along with this post. I was a tad bit busy. I will try to do better)

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like you're becoming the neighborhood Mom!
    Definately do a cover charge.