Friday, June 26, 2009

Bowling for Soup. (Okay not really. I just like that band)

So North Bowl participates in a Kids Bowl Free progam. if you want to find a bowling alley near you go to it was great. the kids were busy for an hour and i only had to rent their shoes. now for the drawback.......
it took us a mere HOUR to finish 10 frames of bowling. Jakey, Anna and Maria are notoriously slow bowlers. there balls average a speed of 3mph down the lane. in fact even with the bumpers up Maria got a gutter ball. turns out she bowls alot like her mother. we also had a ball go so slow it came to a stop then started rolling backwards. both of the girls fell from trying to chase their ball down the alley. NOT RECOMMEDED! tears followed. we also had extreme abuse of the hand dryer.
Daniel was up on the scoreboard with Dan, Ike, Player Dater, Jakey, Sonic, Maria, Strawberry, Anna, Strawberri. Daniel and Ike went back and forth for who was in the lead. Ike won with a total of 97. Yup, it was a low scoring game.
will we go back next week. HECK YA!! like i said, "it kept the kids busy for an hour." hopefully next time i will be able to take a friend and her family with us. then the older kids can bowl on one lane and the younger ones on another.

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