Sunday, June 14, 2009

empty house+house key= naughty jenn

So my good friends ( at least they were when they left. they may not be now) asked me to housesit for them while they were in Hawaii for two weeks. then they GAVE me the key to the house. they just gave it to me. no questions asked. usually i have to break in to people's houses. this was a whole new feeling of freedom. it takes vandalism to a whole new level of ease. i dunno if i can go back to climbing through windows after this.

anyways, my goal for the next two weeks was to leave my mark but NOT trash the house. i mean seriously, these people know where i live. so it made me get creative and i think i got some of my greatest stuff out of it.
This is my take on goldilocks and the three bears. yes, that is a real bear that paulino shot. poor thing.
These are the batteries to all the remotes in the house. i wish i could tell you where the remotes were but i have sworn myself to secretecy (i butchered that spelling)

This room i t.p'd. this is the 14 yr old's room.

I got really creative with the mirrors in all the bathrooms. this project took the longest but i am very happy with the results. it says. "just think....this is plan "B". you don't want to know what plan "A" was.

Of COURSE i had to saran wrap the toilets. =)

This is the 15 yr old boys bed. i did not do anything else to the room because frankly, it frightened me.

This is in the parents bathrom.

This is the 7 yr old's room. i took a long time for Katie and I to blow up 100 balloons but totally worth it.
This is on the main floor's bathroom mirror.

And this is my favorite. it will be waiting to greet them as they walk in the door.

I think i am free clear of EVER being asked to housesit again. but if any of you are interested in still having me watch your home......i don't charge a thing. =) and i am available.


  1. Wow, no wonder all your friends move away! LOL! JUST KIDDING! What great surprises! Remind me to never let you house sit my place though. ;)

  2. So you DO have a blog! I'm going to blog stalk you now!
    It seems you have WAY too much time on your hands from this post!
    Well, now that I have your blog, here's mine:

  3. Yup, that proves it, you are way too cool for me! Jason says you can never house sit but if you want to take care of the KIDS that could be fun. ;)