Wednesday, June 3, 2009

how much chlorine is too much chlorine

I have a pool. nothing big but it keeps the kids busy. much chlorine must be put in to keep the pee level safe for others swimming in it? i mean, when you have 5 boys and 2 little girls swimming is a bottle a day too much? i opinion is that there can never be too much. ever.i would like it not to look like 6,600 gallon toilet. is this asking too much. so what if their hair is turning green, or their swimming suits are bleeding out. i would rather have their eyes sting from chlorine instead of pee. so if you come over this summer to swim in our pool rest assured it is clean. and if i poisen the kids doing it then all the better. the little buggars. =)


  1. So when did you get your pool? It looks like fun for the kiddos, and I am laughing so hard at the getting them sick comment! hehe!

  2. this spring. luckily that is not a picture of our pool but what i fear ours would look like if i did not take care of it every freaking day.

  3. Jenners they have a neutralizing type of pool chemicals that are very safe and will solve you pee questions....for real and it is EASY