Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Splash Pad

So if you don't know what a splash pad is, it is where they dug up a wading pool and put in a variety of fun sprinklers for the kids to run through. it is a new millineum kinda thing. a word that was not around when i was a kid.

The dee-lovely and dee-lish brinn.

got together with my girlfriend brinn, because our kids were both driving us nuts, and desided to head off to the new splash pad by our house. well sorta by it. the kids did have lots of fun and we wasted 2 hours of a hot day there. gotta love that.


  1. Where's this NEW splash pad? I LOVE the one at Chief Gary Park.
    Neat pics of the boys under the sprinkler!

  2. it is up here on 28th. it is a very nice park. great splash pad and very nice playground too.

  3. Is this the one by that new water park thing on like 62nd or somewhere up there near Moran Prairie Elem? Looks like fun!

  4. nah, we tried that one last summer. not only is it expensive but really lame. more for very little kids. water only goes to 3 feet. this is a new one on 28th. just down from where you guys used to rent. and it is free. =)