Friday, June 12, 2009

So long dear friends.

This is going to be one of my longer posts. Just to give you a heads up.

We have some good friends called the Galloway's. Monica and I loved to read books and then get together and discuss them. shopping for our books was the best. when her husband got a job in Texas this january i started having her and her kiddos over every tuesday to give her a break from making dinner and entertaining the kids. It quickly became known as "Felina Night" named after her youngest daughter. The girls came up with that name. we had great fun. in all those months i think we only missed one tuesday. not too shabby for 6 months. our kids had so much fun together. the girls all loved to play dress up and the daniel and brendon would spend hours trading pokemon. ike and kaedon and jakey had lots and lots of light saber fights along with other crazy adventures. when the weather got better ike and brendon headed up to the tennis courts to play before dinner. we traveled to lots of parks. play doh was also a huge hit. would keep them very busy for about an hour.

Brendon's favorite dinner was my homemade pizza bread.
Teona's favorite dinner was b-b-q hamburgers
Felina like the deli sandwich bar (all the kids got to make their very own sandwiches just how they wanted them, no questions asked)
Kaedon loved baby pigs in a blanket (pigs in a blanket but with cocktail weiners instead)

Keadon Galloway, Comstock Park
Brendon Galloway with Daniel and Ike. backyard

Teona Galloway, Comstock Park

Felina Galloway, backyard

The whole crew enjoying orange creamsicles. i always had a special dessert for tuesday night.

Our fairwell picture. they had so much fun together.

Monica and I. My gosh i miss her. with each friend that i have had move on me ( 14 to date) it just doesn't get any easier. I am really going to have a hard time this tuesday when it is not Felina Night. i know the kids will feel the loss too.

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  1. It's hard when friends move. I wouldn't know for myself cuz I'm always the one doing the moving. You're such a good friend to others. Glad to count you as one of mine.