Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Thing the Guhl and Brown family has learned this year....

Anna- Not to lie everyday.
Anna- She never wants to be an actress because she does not want to "break a leg"

Maria- Learned how to paper mache.
Maria- How to raise a butterfly

Jacob- How to kayak
Jacob- All you ever need to know about life you can learn from reading Patrick F. Mc Manus.

Isaac- Learned fly fishing and how to tie flies.
Isaac- Is teaching himself the banjo and calligraphy

Daniel- Learned how to enact a polymerase chain reaction, and use the ensuing data to determine the origins of the DNA used in the reaction.
Daniel- Learned when a girl says; "I do not want anything for my birthday.", what she means is; "I want you to try and guess what I want for my birthday till you get it right when I eventually take pity on you and tell you.".

Jenn- Having it all does not mean living up to someone else's expectations of what having it all means.
Jenn- Stress zits are just as ugly as puberty zits.

Benjamin- Learned the joys of emptying a 7 year old daughters bedpan. Especially after she ate some of Marilyn's special bran muffins. (that is when I knew the man truly loved me)
Benjamin- Has his first job that does not involve the cooking, prepping , or serving of food in 13 years and it feels fantastic.

We all hope you have a wonderful 2013!!

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