Friday, December 28, 2012

I am dreaming of a cookie-lishious Christmas

Much like lemmings throwing themselves off a cliff every spring I find myself every Christmas season I bake an insane amount of gingerbread and sugar cookies. Then I gather my family around and make them decorate them all. Mwaaa, haaa, haaa. All in the name of holiday spirit.

Because some considerate a forced labor, and I consider it free labor, the quality of these creations are often called into question. Take for example.......

Ben's Creation

 Here is a snowman made of yellow snow. You know what they say about not eating yellow snow? Well my children forgot this and ate this snowman first.

Jakey did a gingerbread skeleton with a still beating gummy heart.

This is Isaac's contribution to the Christmas tree collection.

No cool story behind this candy cane. I just had to add it to prove that every once in a while they would mess up and let a "normal" cookie slip by.

So there you have it. Our version of Christmas Cookies. May you holidays be merry and bright and may all your cookies be slightly dysfunctional. 

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