Thursday, December 27, 2012

Little Gingerbread Mobile Home Park

This year we had a gingerbread house contest for Family Home Evening. Nothing says love at home like a contest pitting family members against each other.

 Anna and Maria were dedicated in there use of frosting and candy. Both should be used liberally.
 Our little mobile home park with a Christmas tree.
 Each Kid was awarded a prize, Jakey's got "I always feel like somebody is watching me"
 Isaac got most aggressive use of frosting.
 Ben got the Mr. Brady award for his lovely 1960's rancher.
 Maria got the "One hot candy mess"
And for some reason I did not get an individual shot of Anna's house. Hmm.
She got the Chim-Chim-Charee award for her creative use of a licorice nip for a chimney.

When we were done we delivered them to various friends to share some Christmas cheer. Each person got to decide who the recipient for their house would be.

Daniel did his house as only Daniel can. And since a simple picture did not do it justice we had to video him describing the details that went into this creation.

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