Thursday, December 27, 2012

The BIG day

December 8th, two thousand and twelve was a very special day at our home. Anna and Maria turned EIGHT! So not only was that day their golden birthday, they also got to be baptized!
Ben was the one doing the dunking. Ria had to be dunked twice. They say it is because her foot came up out of the water as she tried to paddle off, I think it was because she ate the picture of Jesus that was in their room when the girls were 5.
Either way they both got dunked and seemed to be not the worse for wear because of it.
 Here is a photo document of the big day. Two things I noticed right away....
WOW, when did they decide to grow up?
Their daddy would have been so proud of them and we all really wished he could have been there. Ben and I gave them lockets that have a picture of their dad so they could always have him near by. We were able to be surrounded by lots of friends and family and love and appreciate them all for taking time out of their busy Saturday morning to come celebrate this big day with us.
 Ben was worried about their hair, it is getting quite long, floating up so I made sure to braid them and then pin them up. I really liked how their hair turned out.
 Their Aunt Sue-Sue gave them a Hello Kitty make up kit for their birthday. This was the hit of the party. They used me and abused me with make up and nail polish. Their toes and fingernails looked very pink and sparkly.
That night it all sort of sunk in for me that this is the last baptism for our little family. They are growing up and time is a cruel, cruel mistress who waits for no one.

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