Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sledding...take Dos

For day two of sledding we went to the local middle school. Ike did not join us. It was just too soon for him. 
Chase Middle School has about 7 fantastic hills to choose from. When we first got there we had the run of the place (as it should be). The hills were nice and packed, after one look Anna and Maria opted to keep to the "bunny hill".

This first video is of Daniel and Jake. I love how you can hear how fast they are going as the sled flies along the ice.

As the morning wore on Maria's curiosity got the best of her and she had to try it out. Her first ride down was in the middle of the boys train.

If you watch close enough you can see the ears of Maria's hat flatten back from the wind. It makes me giggle.

Jakey catching some air off the last jump of a three jump hill. Each jump is followed by a loud "OUCH"

Maria's turn. No ouch.

Anna played it fairly safe with her sledding adventures. She stayed on the bunny hills and watched her brothers and sister risk life and limb. I have a feeling this past spring gave Anna all the adventure she wants or needs for a very long time.

This has probably been the best weather we have had for Christmas break. It usually rains the whole time. The kiddos have had fun playing outside with their Airsoft guns (yes, we bought the boys their own Airsoft guns) sledding through the snow and making pictures with snow crayons. I wrote in the snow "HELP ME" so far I have not be rescued.

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