Thursday, December 27, 2012

Daniel's Eagle Scout Project

Daniel wanted to finish his Eagle Scout project in 2012 because it is the Centennial Anniversary of the Eagle Scout program. Because of this the BSA is giving out a special Eagle Scout patch and pin. Pretty cool seeing how the next one is not for another 100 years.

He met with a few different organizations around town and since he cannot raise or handle money in any way ( new tax laws that see this as an income for the BSA and their for Daniel would have to pay taxes on any funds he raised for the organization he was helping) we had to get creative. We found a great place that has been helping children in the Spokane area for over 25 years. The Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery.

Daniel organized and ran a Kitchen Supply Drive. By setting up donation trees in seven locations around Spokane and Spokane Valley he was able to gather about $1000.00 worth of kitchen supplies. From cutting boards and hot pads to stock pots, plates and eating utensils. The V.B.C Nursery was in serious need of it all. When we dropped off the donations she said she was thrilled to see a blender because their's just bit the dust earlier that week.

 He got lots of support from he fellow scouts as well as his youth leaders. There were lots of phone calls to make as they set up locations as well as poster boards to make for each of the locations and tags to put on each tree. My dad, Rick Reneer, scoured every thrift store in the area looking for small trees. As with any gathering of scouts not only was a lot accomplished, but a lot of cookies were consumed. (See picture below)
Here is one of Daniel's trees set up a one of the local Albertson grocery stores. The manager was awesome and even wanted to donate supplies on behalf of the store. 

 This man in the black jacket is the bishop of our church. Yep. Our fearless leader. No, he is not pointed a gun at the young boys head. I think it is some sort of bishopric gang sign. The guy in the red hoodie is Bro. Christensen. He was Daniel's young men's leader. He looks......well....unsure of the situation. These two great guys showed up on a Saturday morning to help set up a couple trees and Daniel was very happy for the help.
 Here is Daniel and Ike, he also put a lot of time into the project, along with the director, Shawna Harshman, with everything he had collected over the three weeks the trees were up.
All in all Daniel put in about 114 hours of service on the project and we were all super excited over the success of it. It was really neat to see the support of the community for the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery.

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