Friday, December 28, 2012


Anyone can take cool pictures of kiddos sledding.
 I prefer to take pictures of the wipe-outs!

Or in this picture....right before the wipe-out. Turns out powdered snow mixed with nylon snow pants makes for a very slippery slide.

Jakey was trying to learn to sled standing up. (snowboarding?)

No wipe-out here. Just Anna Bananna

What you don't see in this incredibly adorable picture of Maria is that she is hanging upside down from a swing because her boots got caught. No worries, she is still smiling.

 I included this picture because Jacob looks like a cranky old man (or like Ralphie from a Christmas Story**) and Anna looks sad and dejected, which is weird because she was actually quite giggly.
The next day we went and conquered bigger, better, faster hills. Those pictures and yes dear reader I included videos for the reading impaired.

Possible look alike?

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