Sunday, August 18, 2013

All work and no play can make for a very dull summer


This is my former BFF Anna Nelson. I say former because she is moving away from me to Portland, Oregon. I am bitter about it. Very, very bitter. So bitter in fact I took her kayaking knowing she had no idea how to swim. HA HA HA. Those are my feet. That is the only picture you are going to get of me. 

While we were out on the lake we noticed a fire that started up. As we paddled around I took pictures as it got bigger and bigger. Then I called home to make sure all my boys were still there. 

We stopped for lunch and we were met by the local welcoming committee. 

This is Daniel's friend he met at UCLA. She lives in Colorado so really they do not see each other. This summer her and her family flew to China and had a 14 hour layover in Seattle. So......I loaded up Daniel and Ike and went to Seattle for Saturday.She brought him back some really fun stuff from China......surprisingly it was all made in the USA. HA HA.....I kid. He brought her some cool huckleberry items because they do not have those in Colorado. 

After the airport we went to the Seattle Aquarium. Ike is an avid fisherman. The trip was bitter sweet for him. Surrounded by all these gorgeous fish and no fishing rod. 

They also had some nice touch tanks. I like feeling the sea anemones. 

They did have a couple tropical salt water tanks as well. Which is good because the fish of the pacific northwest are rather drab.

This is my absolute favorite picture of the trip. 

Finally an animal I can relate to.

These are my two oldest. The first of the family. I cannot remember the last time I got to spend a day with just them. Words cannot describe how special this day was for me. I am sure for them it was just another trip with their mother, sigh..... but for me it was an opportunity that is quickly slipping away. We laughed a lot. I teased and embarrassed them mercilessly and I watched them smile and laugh with each other. 

As you know I notice odd signs. Ones that should have been checked again for spelling, punctuation and grammar and of course just for making absolutely no sense at all. 

I personally prefer my toilet paper to be virgin toilet paper. Call me old fashioned but I do not want to reuse someone else's toilet paper. Keep that crazy practice in Seattle. Here in Spokane it is all virgin all the time!

So there ya go. 

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