Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Anniversary Dan

We have a lot of little traditions around the house that helps us remember Dan. One of the favorites is his birthday celebration. We have one of his favorite birthday dinners (steak or ribs) with his favorite birthday cake, Costco's Death by Chocolate. 
This year it was voted to have b-b-q'd ribs. Steak or ribs are a huge treat at our house. We make this only once or twice a year because of cost. 

So when the kids get their grubby little hands on them they lick them clean. The girls like to polish the bones with their teeth! I prefer a nice b-b-q'd chicken breast. :) 

This is followed by a sliver of cake. This cake is crazy rich. Dan loved, loved, loved chocolate and yet one year he gave it up for an entire year just because he wanted to prove he could.

Dan would have been 47 years old. 

The girls did cards and sent them up in balloons.

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