Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Spelling Leessonz

Isaac bought a game off of ebay. It came in the mail Saturday. He was super-duper excited. He was also just a tad bit paranoid that someone else would play the game before he could. 
Isaac came up with a genius plan, he would write on the envelope that this was his game and that no one else should play it. So he wrote, "Propartee of Izick, do NOT Tooch. I am not sure was tooch means or what a pro-partee is but it sure sounds fun so I went ahead and played it. 
I leaned that tooch means the game is lousy and pro-partee means it should be broken into a zillion little pieces.  Isaac quickly informed me I was wrong. The words are obviously "property" and "touch". Gosh, I think I need some spelling lessons.

Ike is taking ceramics this semester in school. He brought home a bird house that he made. It says on the front, "Welcome Birdiez"  As we were all admiring the craftsmanship of the birdhouse Anna took it upon herself to point out the obvious......"Birds can't read"  Oh snap! ha ha ha ha

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