Thursday, September 19, 2013

Famous People

I would like to thank all the little people that helped me climb so high on this ladder of fame. Right now Isaac and I are almost to the bottom rung.

Last Saturday, September 14 our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, teamed up with several other churches in Spokane to clean up a neighborhood. What is really neat is that it ended up being the neighborhood Dan and I lived in after he graduated from college. It is a pretty rough place and we both learned a lot of things there.

The five kiddos and myself (Ben had to work that day) were put on a team with about 7 other people to clean up a gentleman's backyard, front yard, and do some minor roof repairs. Turns out there was a lot of work that needed to be done. Years of neglect had taken it's tole. Many of the tree branches were hanging over power lines and crushing fences. There was massive amounts of garbage to rake and bag up as well as pruning, weed whacking and whatnot.

As we worked there were several news crews around to filming as well as the local newspaper reporters. For some reason they chose our house to spotlight.

The Spokesman Review ended up using a picture of Ike and I on the front page. Due to copy write laws I cannot post a picture but they did say I can post a link to the article.

***Now for a funny side note.****
There is a man in our ward that goes by the name of Maurie Hainsworth. He is about 92 years young. He likes Isaac for some reason. I think it is because they are both crotchety. He is always getting on Ike each Sunday to button up his shirt, fix his tie, roll down his sleeves and comb his hair (or cut it if need be), and by all means stop slouching this is a pew not your bed! Ike takes it well and straighten up his appearance. I thank Maurie and we continue on with our Sunday routine because if I spoke like this to Ike he would just roll his eyes and call me names in his head and possibly grace me with his favorite phrase, "Whatever" (must be stated with eye roll).

Well as Ike came into church Maurie showed Ike the picture in the paper and said every Sunday I tell you to
Button up,
Un-roll your sleeves,
Tuck in your shirt,
and fix your hair.
What is wrong with this picture Isaac?
Isaac replies, "I dunno."
Maurie states, "You're doing none of those is this picture!" and smacks him upside the head and walks off.
I am loving that man more and more each Sunday.

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