Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer time fun for everyone!!

This summer I decided to take on the chipping paint on the house. Next summer I think I will just sew my face to the carpet. Seems like it will be easier, less hornets, and a lot less painful.

Daniel helped out a lot when he was home. We learned the joys of scraping. Turns out there are not a lot of joys to scraping. It was a very short lesson. As you can see by all the bare places on the cedar siding we has a shameful amount of loose paint.

I am not a huge fan of heights and did not enjoy being on the top of a 17 foot ladder. Turns out the hornets living in the apex of our roof was also not fond of having me at the top of the ladder either. I got stung in the neck once and Daniel, in fear of being stung, flung a paintbrush full of primer at them. Ya, that made a bit of a mess.

After scraping and two coats of primer I was ready to start putting on some color. I love colors!! I was really struggling trying to figure out what colors to throw up there and Ben had a brilliant idea. I love fiesta ware colors....why not use those. So I did!! 

 Because our house was build in 1950 it has come cool character to it. I wanted to have some fun with the diagonal siding and did chevron strips on it. This is the front of the house.

This is the side of our home. All ugly......

Nice and white with primer....

Now all happy and colorful!!!

 Here is the carport in front of the house. I figured you really should never paint a house from 1950 without including Seafoam green!! 

I love my home now. Well at least the trim work on it. I have actually have people stop while walking by and comment on how cool it turned out. She is defiantly unique, but really, would you expect anything else??

Now to put on a new roof. Ugh!! The one we have now has decided to start leaking. 

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