Saturday, September 14, 2013

Daniel's Senior Pictures

Yes, you read that right. My Daniel is a senior this year. GASP!!

So Daniel and I went off to take pictures of himself. Turns out this is not his favorite activity. It is right up there with learning how to latch hook a rug.

He was a tough nut to loosen up and pose in a natural position. After taking lots and lots of pictures, most of them of him blinking, Ben and I have whittled it down to these four. Daniel does not like any of them. He said it is nothing against the photographer, he just does not like pictures of himself. I can honestly say I know exactly how he feels. I think of all the 400+ posts I have on this blog I am in less that five pictures.

Here is voted # 3
 Here is voted # 4
 Here is voted # 1
 Here is voted #2

Feel free to weight in and let us know what one you think should go into the yearbook. But be fast, we have to have the pictures turned in soon.

P.S. Daniel is one very handsome kid!! Luckily he will never make it this far down on the post to read this.

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