Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Post summer wrap up

This summer we did A LOT! It was crazy busy. But here is my reason/ excuse. This is our last summer with Daniel. Next summer he will be on his mission or off working. This makes me sad to ponder. He was my very first road trip and camping buddy.

This is the boys chopping up some wood for our fire. We had to cook most of our food over the fire because the hornets were so heavy at camp this year the only time they would leave the food alone is when it was over an open flame. This made eating mildly uncomfortable. 

This may look like an ordinary picture...but if you look closely you will see the remnants of many, many sticks. They started off as small trees but ended up as toothpicks. We had a pluthera of toothpicks at camp. Extremely sharp toothpicks. We used them to defend ourselves from the hornets.

Our usual ice cream stop. Those who have followed through the years, (me), will notice that our benches and carved bears are missing. We were very sad. But luckily the ice cream helped fill the void.
** Daniel had an epiphany while eating his bubble gum ice cream. He commented, "Mom, boys don't really grow up do we? I mean we get big and such but inside we are still about 4 years old. Here I am skinned knee from crashing on my bike, chili from dinner dripped down my shirt and your still handing me napkins to wipe the ice cream off my chin." ** I always joked the kid was a genius, now I am beginning to actually wonder....

After a week of camping we came home, joined Ben and took the kiddos to Silverwood, our local theme park. Anna, Maria and Jakey earned free tickets through the school's reading program. Here is Maria and Ben on the train ride.

Anna and Maria on the bumper cars. I have no pictures of the boys because they were all off riding roller coasters and making themselves sick. WOO WHOO!!

Jakey is a HUGE garflield fan and was very excited to have a picture taking with Garfield and Odie. He made me promise to use this as his profile picture when he is old enough to have a Facebook account. Well this could like a tiny bit out of date when he is 30 and finally is allowed a Facebook account.

We grew a small garden this year. The girlies planted carrots. Here is Anna enjoying some of her hard work.
 This is Maria giving her carrots and close inspection.

All in all this summer was fantastic! It went by way too fast! All the kids are back in school more or less. Daniel's college starts in the middle of September as does mine.

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