Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Things Guys can do but Women can't

Wear black knee highs with shorts.

Not comb hair. It is called the "mussed" look. thank you Robert Pattinson.

Go vintage by pulling out there favorite shirt from college. We have to go shopping at "vintage" stores and spend lots of $$ to get the same look.

Can wear socks with sandals.

Adjust themselves in public and we have to ignore it.

Pick their nose

Have hair sprouting out of odd places

Wear t-shirts that have their belly sticking out of the bottom

Eat deep fried meat five meals a day


Discussing the size, color, and nature of their poop

Have acne

If they don't like their hair they can just shave their heads.

* fart in public and think it is funny

*carry on a whole conversation with just the word "Dude"

* Pee standing up

* Go without shaving for that rugged look.

um, that is all i can think of at this time. please feel free to add suggestions and i am sure i will continue adding as the day goes.

*christy olsen


  1. get away with saying "dude" all the time

    fart in public and it's considered funny

  2. Pee standing up... come on- so much more conveniant than having to squat down and hoping you don't pee on yourself

    Go a day or so without shaving and it just makes them look 'rugged' in a sexy way... if women do that we start to look like the amazon lady

  3. i think that goes with the growing hair in strange places. and the peeing, that is something we all envy.