Friday, August 27, 2010

nuthin' much

not a whole heck of a lot going on. or i guess i should rephrase that. there is nothing noteworthy going on here.

kids driving me nuts but they are also driving eachother nuts. why does every summer end this way. the last two weeks are just hell. it is like we are so tired of seeing eachothers faces. breathing eachothers air. STOP BREATHING MY AIR!

I am getting daniel and ike ready for a camp out. they are both super excited because this will be Ike's first camp out. i already frisked him and allowed him to only bring ONE knife. so of course i will be needed to frisk him again one more time before he gets into the scoutmasters truck. it is really in everyone's best intrest that i do this.

we have been trying to squeeze in as much time at the pool as possible too. in fact i am just trying to keep the kids out of the house. we tend to do better when we can put a bit of space between us.

back to schoo shopping is done for all the boys. just need to get the girlies their clothes, and lets be honest, they are so much more fun to shop for.

i am pretty caught up on what i can do around the house and yard until we some out buildings fixed. so i am sorta in a holding pattern with that.

so there ya go. my day in a nutshell. =)

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