Sunday, August 8, 2010

I dare ya!

I dare you to try to use the bathroom in my house. It is almost impossible.

I go in, two seconds later....

Knock,knock. "Mommy, I need you to pour me a cup of milk" states 5 yr old.

Me, "I am sorta busy right now."

5yr old, " I need you to pour me a cup of milk."

Me, "WAIT!"

Knock, Knock. " Mommy when will I get a loose tooth too?" states other 5 yr old.

Me, "When your teeth are ready to come out."

Other 5 yr old, " yes, but when?"

Me, "sigh"

Knock, knock, "Mommy, who is older?" asks first 5 yr old.

Me, "groan."

"Mommy! I am older aren't I"

*now to be honest with you, my daughters voices sound the same to me. so i could not tell who was asking."

knock, knock. "Mommy? are you still in there?"

Only because the window is too small to climb through, my dear.

and so my two minutes of peace are over.