Wednesday, August 18, 2010

tent conversations

The following conversations were overheard from our tent. Initials have been used to protect the privacy of the participants.

The following conversation took place when they were changing into their swim trunks. I am pretty sure that J was banned from all other changing times.

J to F; "You have hair in your armpits."
F; "Yup."
J to D: "do you have hair in your armpits"
D; "Yup."
J; "Can I see it?"
D; "Nope. I am currently using my hands to cover up other hairy places."
J; "Huh. Well look what I can do with my armpits." Too which he proceeded to do armpit farts. And he is really quite good at it.

This conversation took place in the evening when the boys just got back from swimming and were desperate to get into warmer clothes.

D to F; "If you don't turn around and I don't turn around, I think we can get the done with our dignity still intact and not taking our friendship to an uncomfortable next level. Deal?
F; " uh, ya!"


  1. Thanks for the good laugh! Never a dull moment with kids!!