Monday, March 15, 2010

Wresting match at mead

You know it is going to be a good match when there is already a firetruck and ambulance there before the action even starts.

Ike at weigh-in. a whopping 87 lbs.
Yes folks, he is this tough.
Heading out to the mat

the second match lasted all of 21 seconds. the kid was awesome. pinned all his opponents. dan wonders about the legality of that move. it is still being debated. ike got a silver and was really happy with that. next week we are at university high.


  1. Michael's in wrestling and Adam and Tracy said that those tournaments are absolutely crazy! Good for you for sticking with it all these years!

  2. oh man they are insane!! i was so shell shocked my first year. but nine years later here i am an ol' pro. lol. next year is his last year and i don't think jakey is up for it so we may be leaving sjw. weird.