Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The kids get out of school at 1pm all this week, which is two hours earlier than normal. luckily this week has been very, very nice weather. they play outside from 1-5. all i ask is they clean up before they come in. so they have desided to build a basement to their tree fort. we have four extra boys in the backyard too. so this is good. it keeps them busy, and any mother can tell you a busy boy is a quiet boy.
they are using wood from the woodpile. i am sure i should be concerned but honestly, it is just wood. they can't break it. so what if it is not stacked "just right" it will still burn.
they have added some "barracks" in the tree too. along with a crow's nest. seeing how this a work in progress for them i will keep posting pictures of their fort.

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