Monday, March 1, 2010

Crazy Hair Day at Hamblen

Last friday was crazy hair day at the kid's school. jakey was very happy with his blue mohawk until he realised that he could not wear his bike helmet and had to actually walk to school. poor baby. it is all of 1/2 a block.

i dunno if i have any "normal" pictures of jakey. he always seems to be making a face of some sort. oh well, he is easy to pick out of a crowd that way. he did not win first in his class. he said some girl with really long hair did. he said, "How can i compete with that?" i said, sissors.

Ike wore a mullet wig. yes, this is just a wig. but he loved it and now i am a bit worried. he did win first place in his class. i guess they are all too young to remember this hair do.
Ike rocking the mullet. for a moment there i thought i was at a White Snake concert. (shudder)

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  1. I wonder if it was wacky hair day across the country or state or something. My nephew was sporting Jake's hair style, too, blue hair and all!