Wednesday, March 3, 2010

If Elton John designed watches......

It would look alot like this beauty here. Ya, i know you are jealous. Holly and I found this lovely at a little bead shop in the valley. it was love at first sight and then when i saw that it was 1/2 off i knew it was meant to come home with me!! I always get lots of compliments when i wear it. Dan says it is because they are just being nice. He HATES it. which for some strange reason makes me love it even more. weird.

i should take a picture with it on so you can see how gigantic this baby is. in fact, i will be right back. well, it is at the top of the post. and i am too lazy to correct it. but i think it shows off the beauty of the watch. sadly, my wrist is pasty white. oh the joys of winter.

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